Looking for an artificial plant? I have the best ones here!

Last week I received a delivery of the best artificial plants you can buy online. They are from the Artificial Plant Shop. These were gifted to me so I could decide whether these fake plants compared to the real deal and I can definitely say I am impressed!

We know real plants can be a pain to look after. The lighting in your house and the watering routine can be testing. We all initially think our real plants are the bomb, only to discover their slow death about 3 months down the track…

Sooooo…. why not try an artificial one instead (that looks real!)?

These new plants made me rearrange my whole house which was fun ha! I loved deciding where to put them all. I had some baskets and pots already to put them in. That’s the trick though, make sure they look good around the base!

Let me show you what I chose and how I put them around my house…

Above is a 1.5m Olive Tree. This one would have to be my favourite. Even my husband couldn’t believe it was fake. This suited a corner area in my house. I have always hated styling corners, but a tall plant always fills the spot perfectly. An Olive is perfect because the colour is duller and more grey. It’s not a bright green and I am loving that at the moment.

Above are a few Olive branches that I added to my coffee table for some colour and texture. I can’t have a real plant over here because there’s no direct sunlight. They are bushy and stunning and so versatile too. They could go anywhere in the house.

Above is a little cactus which adds some more texture so a sideboard. The colours are muted and perfect for styling. This one would also look good in a kid’s room or the bathroom. No maintenance!

Above are two plants I put together on a shelf. I couldn’t separate them once I plonked them there! They just work well together to fill a large area. The desert cactus is 80cm tall and the Zanzibar Gem is 1.1m, so combined they really pack a punch.

These artificial plants are most certainly the best ones I have ever seen on the market. They do not look plastic, or shiny.

Even better the Artificial Plant Shop is Aussie owned and you will get free shipping. They also have a large range of plants, trees and flower arrangements. Even perfect for corporate businesses and events!

Happy shopping ♥ KC.

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