Let’s welcome “Fun and VJs”

Not sure how/when I met Brismod from Fun and VJs, but I like her! She is very cool and has some very funky ideas for her home renovation. Anita won a blog makeover giveaway I had earlier in the year and we got to email and chat lots more over the process.

Brismod lives in Brisbane, Australia and writes a blog called Fun and VJs. She is interested in houses, furniture and different decorating styles. Brismod is happily married to Jason (despite home renovating) and has three young sons. Fun and VJs chronicles the renovations to their 1928 Queenslander home – turning a Sow’s Ear into a silk purse.


  • Jenny

    Love Anita's blog, she is a very funny lady and I always get a laugh reading through it. 😉

  • brismod

    Thank you Katrina. You're my go-to girl for blogging advice!! xx

  • Bronnie and family

    I admire anyone who can renovate AND stay sane!

  • Raine and Sage

    I Love Fun & VJ's – it's a serial I'm following. I know all the colourful characters. Love her style and blog. 🙂

  • Tina

    Have I been living under a rock (well Uni almost counts as one)! Thanks for the introduction Katrina, I am off to visit Fun & VJs:) ~ Txx

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