Let’s talk about CBD oil

CBD oil…. Yep, let’s chat about that. Since before Christmas I’ve been talking Cannabidiol Oil. Full disclosure. I am no expert, no medical professional, and I am not a recreational drug taker. Never have been. But I’m all for medicinal products to help me. I’m proactive.

Background – I’ve had extremely complex Crohn’s Disease since I was a teen. Two years ago I was forced (and willing) to have a permanent colostomy bag (with a full proctectomy still ahead of me), so I’ve been living a life of medication for a long time. And that medication hasn’t always helped, nor have I been willing to settle into them. I’ve had many side effects from them too.

After my surgery I was so well for about 18 months… then slowly the Crohn’s symptoms started coming back. It was mostly my joints that suffered, along with body fever.

Anyway, I went and saw my specialist like a good girl. Had a bunch of tests and basically was told let’s try yet another immuno-suppressant drug (this was a new one because I’d done all the others). I told him I was going to hold off because I’ve been doing some research on CBD oil. I wanted to try it. I’m 42 years old and I’m educated, so I wanted to make some choices. He just said “Katrina, you do what helps you, but you know if you can’t get well again, I’ll insist you come back here…” I made a deal.

And then before you knew it, the CBD oil was in my house and off I went. I will say this is a product that has no THC. So of course I can drive, I don’t get high, there’s no sleepy agents, there’s nothing that makes me feel different.

Six months went by and without any doctor prescribed drugs all my symptoms went. Completely gone. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

But then… COVID happened, and I didn’t order enough CBD oil and I had to go 4 weeks without it because of the postage services. Almost instantly all my symptoms came back. I was sick again. And struggling big time.

But it was a good thing. Because how could I 100% say CBD oil was helping me unless I went off it to see what happened??

My husband was right there with me through all this. He has watched my ups and downs. He was just as perplexed. Like, should I have started this years ago??

Anyway, the CBD oil arrived and I started taking again. Slowly again I am improving. I wouldn’t say I’m back to being 100% well just yet. But I haven’t had to go back to my doctor.

I’m NOT saying I won’t ever have to go back on immuno-suppressants. I will if I have to. But I do know I won’t ever go without that CBD oil again. It’s not a cure, but it has helped relieve a lot of my symptoms.

I have a lot to learn and I’m willing to learn more. Go talk to your own doctor before you take anything new.

This is just my personal experience. Not advice. ?


  • Deb Drayton

    Your struggles are huge, your strength and determination is amazing, use what works,

  • Suzanne sheerin

    Hi, would it be possible to message you about something please.

    I’m 2 1/2 years post cancer treatment with some long term side effects that might benefit from CBD oil.


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