Let’s talk about Big Brother (Australia 2013) shall we?

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Let’s talk about Big Brother (Australia 2013) shall we?

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You know I am a bit of a tv junkie. Recently I got Foxtel put on and I am recording things left, right and center! Lord help me. I was really looking forward to Big Brother this year. It sort of came around quickly and last night I decided to tweet the crap out of it… as you do.

So, it’s a bit of a family affair in our house – watching BB and tweeting it. Oh, yes it’s a rather exciting household. I tell the kids in advance that we’re all watching tv tonight and we need to be organised. The dinner is done, uniforms ready for the next day, dessert is cleaned up… The kids often ask when we’re watching tv together (doesn’t matter what show) “Are you tweeting this one Mum?” Lately I have lost my mojo and only tweeted a bit of The Voice and Hamish & Andy this year. BUT last night it was all systems go! The kids were like ” Mum’s tweeting this! Laptop or phone Mum? Let Mum sit there because she’s tweeting it…” It’s a collaborative affair I tell you! My husband directs a lot of my tweets too with his one-liners. He needs his own account! Maybe not – there is no way he’d be able to type fast enough, let alone use a hashtag! My kids watch all the tweets coming up on the show and say “why aren’t you up there yet, you’re better than them.” I respond with, “I know darling, they will eventually see how awesome I am at tweeting…” I kinda sorta have my kids brainwashed. LOL!

Speaking of hashtags… there is a real knack to tweeting through a tv show and I’ve totally aced it of course 😉 You’ve got to be able to type fast without looking down all the time. Plus you have to have the correct hashtag ready to put in every single tweet. I have 2 ways of doing this – get inside the correct #hashtag feed (ie. search it, then tweet from inside the search) or have it copied so you can double click your phone and paste it in the right spot every time. YES! It’s serious businesses this tweeting through a tv show! If you snooze you lose if you don’t move quick enough. And why would I bother to tweet a tv show? Because Number 1 – I am hilarious, Number 2 – the conversations are fun, and Number 3 – I always pick up a heap of new followers. Cha-ching!

Ok, so now I’ve gone on for ages about my tweeting-tv-show-fetish, let’s actually talk about Big Brother!

Firstly, if you watched it, what was your overall thought? Sonia looked gorgeous albeit a little cheesy with her fake acting and strange dance-off. She rocked those boots though. I believe the boots have their own twitter account.

So what do I think about the guinea pigs? Tahan sticks out like a sore thumb for me. She’s gorgeous, but I predict she won’t be there too long. I think she forgets WE have to vote for her, so maybe she should be trying to get us to like her? Apparently she has some famous boyfriend. I was like, WHO? I don’t know him but he’s a racing car driver. This is his twitter account here (charming what he wrote in the bio about Tahan). Oh and here is Tahan’s twitter account (now protected). Yes, I researched all of this while watching last night!

Right. What about Tim. I knew I knew this guy! He was on Saturday morning tv – The Hit List. I went on a mission to find this out last night (see my tweets!). He was ‘Timmy and Renee‘ on the music show. His twitter is here (also now protected and a lot of his online profiles have been removed). Plus, remember the guy who ran naked around Rihanna’s tour plane recently? Yep, that was him. He was a media guest. See it here!

I know the contestants will be doing The Block style challenges. Don’t tell me Scott Cam and Shelley Craft will turn up? I bet Shelley does! The wind will be taken out of Tahan’s sails when she realises this “isn’t what she signed up for”. Sharon doesn’t need to mother Ben. That will annoy me if she does. He’s not a baby and looks pretty happy and confident to me. Plus, I think Ben will be fun and hilarious! Caleb reminds me of the movie Wayne’s World. It’s like he’s stepped straight out of the set! Matthew is rather good looking. Wonder whether the ladies will go for him though? He looks too complicated and frustrating for me! I’m not sure Tully will last long? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think she’ll bond well with the group. Although I like her – maybe because we’re both so addicted to social media. Mikkalya doesn’t like the word F-A-R-T but after all the carbs she consumes I can only imagine the smell of that bedroom each morning thanks to her hard-working bowels…

So we have 4 more contestants to go in to the house… I’m not sure I like the married twist that is being unveiled tonight. Dumbo. I hope they prove me wrong and I am cacking myself. You’d better follow my twitter to see. These twists were copied straight from European Big Brother shows so it must have worked previously. I just want some of the housemates to already know each other. I want to play detective Katrina!

Today I’ve had a watch of some snippets from the house over night. Tahan is crying. Tully is secretly cleaning. Tim is loud and annoying. What I really miss though is the live streams in to the house like the old days… 🙁

Are you watching? What did YOU think? I thought there’d be more Mum’s and Dad’s. Again there are a lot of young good-looking and dumb people. But hey, it makes great tv!

PS. I am not being paid by Channel 9 to tweet or write about Big Brother. Although I totally should be, I know! Hint hint 🙂

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  1. Most of the ideas come from BBUK 09. The married couple twist didn't work there as housemates saw right through it and it was a failed task.
    Your good just for remembering everyone's names already. It didn't rate very well.

  2. Thanks for the Tim link. I spent last night tracking down Twitter accounts and links for the housemates too! Glad there is someone else as hooked as me and my family! We live in Newcastle, so we are Heidi fans all the way! Enjoy!

  3. Are you this bored….try volunteering your time to charity instead of gossip …or are you HINT HINT trying in vain to create a job channel 9 does well without you ….you look silly …how sad your kids think you are someone ….join the others on official websites ….250000 people do….maybe I should create a website called lets talk about losers who embarrass themselves like you…DID YOU NOT GET PICKED AT AUDITION???

  4. Big Brother australia is absolute sh1t and I’m sure you could become dumber just watching it. Needs to be axed in a big way!

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