Let me tell you about my husband’s business

Hi! Thanks for stopping by today…

You may have seen me mention something about my husband’s business on Facebook last week and it had a great response, so today I told him I’d throw him a bit of blogging love… he was pumped! (I told him I might have to charge him my sponsored post rate though!)….

He has a graphic design and printing business – Chambers Whyte Design & Print. It has a long history… It was established in 1977 by his Dad and another man (hence the Whyte). My husband went to work there when he was 16 years old in 1986 and hasn’t left! His eldest sister also went to work in the office around the same time. My father-in-law retired about 12 years ago and the Whyte part of it retired around the same time. My husband and his sister (Carol) took it on, but never changed the name of the business because it was well-known.

Fast forward to today and it’s had a few more changes and grown a lot! They’ve moved factories a couple of times to house their new and bigger machinery. They now have the business split in to 3 productive parts… The graphic design part is upstairs with a team of people run by another family member (yes, it’s very family oriented!). Trent is Carol’s son-in-law. The Chambers family is huge! I could spend a week writing about us all!

Then Carol runs all of the front office and does the books. She does a fabulous job keeping it all going.

My husband runs the production area in the factory part with all the machines. He amazes me and his skill and knowledge of a 5-colour press blows me away. He’s a clever cookie!

It’s such a busy place and they all work really hard. I don’t work there, I just breeze in and out! I’ll leave that all to them! But between the 3 of them, they do a great job and the business keeps humming along…

So, here’s what I wanted to tell you… last week they launched their online ordering website. This has been a big job for them and has taken many months to perfect. It was time for them to move in to the online world. They already print jobs from all over the country, but they knew that online would take them to another level. So now, you can order all of your jobs online, ask for a quote and check out their work. Their price is always good and competitive because they have been doing this for almost 30 years. It’s their quality that they are most proud of. They print absolutely everything – even magazines. Nothing is too big or too small and they would say they are the biggest printery in NSW/Victoria outside of our large cities.

Today I wanted to brag about them, because I think they do so well. My husband has worked 55+ hours a week since I met him. He takes a few days off Christmas. I admire his work ethic and passion. I hope our kids get that part of him!

If you want to check the site out, then pop over and have a look. I always think people get frightened when we say “professional printing”, but now you can have a look around and suss out the prices before you place an order. Also, if you’re a company and want a quote on your current printing just ask! Tell them I sent you!

I’d love it too if you could like their Facebook page. This is a place where we will be uploading current jobs to show you how awesome the quality is!

Ok, now I’m off to give him my invoice 😉 Haha!

Have a great day. KC.


  • Something Gorgeous

    Maybe you could be in charge of marketing? I hope he can afford you LOL

    • Katrina

      Hahaha!! Good idea 😉

  • Anna

    Our work use Chambers Whyte all the time and I knew your husband was part of it, didn’t know Carol and Trent were all part of the family too! I also used them to do my wedding invites. I certainly recommend them and will let people know about the online ordering!

    • Katrina

      Yes, one big extended family! X

  • Kl

    Going online is a huge step, but a necessary one in today’s competitive market. Congrats to all for taking that leap and making the effort to be in the running. I wish them the best of luck and next time we require printing, I’ll definitely gent them to provide a quote. X kl

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