Laundry Lotions and Potions

Photos: ME

Just because it’s a laundry where we spend hours painstakingly folding, soaking, scrubbing and ironing (hang on, I lied about that one – I HATE ironing so I have to palm that one off to someone else), doesn’t mean it can’t look good. You never know when someone might stick their head in there. I think a laundry can say lots about a person, don’t you?


  • Sue

    Oh I hope it doesnt Katrina, my laundry has been completely ignored as far as decorating goes, it is definitely slaves quarters here!!

  • A Very Fine House {and}

    Tongue in cheek Sue! I am a bit of a stirrer! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Love your laundry potions! I so need someone like you to come & sort out my laundry…'s plenty big enough, even with a big cupboard. But I still can't seem to get it together!

  • A-M

    Doesn't get any prettier than this! You have inspired me to do the folding and tidy my laundry up a bit. Mines looking too much like a laundry! A-M xx

  • shabbydreaming

    OHH love the fabric softener in the bottles Im gonna do that looks so much better than the bottles they come in!!

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