The last time I wear some of my clothes…

The countdown has started at my house… it’s a month until I have my big operation. I had put it all to the back of my mind and was in denial. I got through Christmas, and some holidays and lots of other activities. But it’s getting real now. Kids are back at school next week and I am seeing the future much more clearly now. To be honest, I’m a bit nervous!

Yesterday I was looking for something to wear in my closet and it dawned on me “it’ll probably be the last time I wear this.” It was a long skinny dress which was slim fitting. Then I started flicking through other clothes and thought, yep looks like I’ll be donating quite a few items, never to be worn again. That’s a bummer! I am quite aware that is just one minor thing to worry about it life, but still, I guess it’s just the fact I will be making adjustments and doing things differently in a month.

I am also worried about how long I will be down and out. I really have no idea. I think hospital will be 7-10 days and that’s based on the operation the doctor thinks he’s doing. He did say “I am pretty sure, but sometimes you just don’t know until you get in there.” Hmmmm…… Then I will have recovery at home. I am grateful I have my Mum and my husband to help out. Plus the boys are old enough to look after themselves.

I feel a ‘nesting’ thing coming over me. Where I need to start a culling and cleaning frenzy. It will possess my body next week I’m sure haha. I’ll be cleaning out every cupboard in sight!

Plus organising my work stuff, and money… it’s stressful! I am such a creature of habit and like things to be the same. I am so obsessed with habits that I am the kind of person who could eat exactly the same thing every single day for the rest of my life and never be upset about it. I hate the unknown.

But in a way I am looking forward to it. I just need to be on the other side of it. My family and my friends are going camping this weekend and I’m not going. I am sick of missing out of those small little things. I am looking forward to not needing the toilet anymore, so I keep reminding myself of that. Onwards we go…

♥ KC.


  • Soraya Apps

    Stay positive , your strength is inspiring… maybe you could come for a drive up to the dam for the day??

  • Wendy

    Thinking of you Katrina, having gone through two operations in two months last year, I know the feelings well. I like to be close to home and have everything the same , it’s comfort.
    Hope all goes smoothly and quickly .

  • Kristy Chambers

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do!! Thinking of ya!love ya x

  • Lee Mills

    Hang in there, sending positive vibes x

  • Judy Thompson

    Best wishes Katrina. I’m sure it will all be worth it. xx

  • Emily Chislett

    Thankyou for sharing your story. You are an inspiration & you will be awesome with your new “normal”.

  • Megan Key

    You’ll be fine luv. After the adjustment period it will just become part of ur routine. Embrace the positives it will bring – give you back a bit of normality! And camping – if that’s ur thing ‍♀️
    Don’t throw everything out – you’d be surprised what you’ll still be able to wear! X ‍♀️

  • Kerry Howell

    I hope it goes well sand your recovery is swift. Best wishes.

  • Donna

    Wishing you a smooth op and speedy recovery. You have a great attitude and that’s gotta help.

    Don’t be too quick to throw out close fitting clothes. After you have your adjustment period you might be happy to wear a dress with a bit of a bump. Lots of people have bits and pieces hanging off them. As long as you’re comfortable.

  • Catherine

    Katrina, I have been following your blog for a long time and wish you all the very best with the operation and recovery. Please make time to recover properly and fully as time given to that will pay off in the future. Unfortunately I am speaking from experience as I had a major op quite a few years ago and thought I was ready to resume normal stuff far too early and have lived to regret it. On the plus side I have an 85 year old friend who has lived with a stoma now for four years and she is amazing. Nothing stops her doing stuff and you wouldnt know she had one. So be kind to yourself, do as the doctor orders and I will look forward to seeing updates on your amazing recovery in the future. Lots of love Catherine x

  • Sharon Tracey Pope

    My boys knew what ‘ we can’t go unless there is a toilet (women’s trouble) meant. They are more sympathetic now though

  • Bri

    All the best Katrina x

  • Tracey Griffin

    Sending love your way…hope it all goes well xo

  • Alison

    I thought the loss of a breast would mean drastic wardrobe changes but it didn’t. I thought I would feel different but I don’t. I am not going to tell you to stay strong, you are allowed to crumble it is part of the process. Expect to feel wretched and you will be pleasantly surprised if you don’t. Tears can be our friend as they help us heal. Just have the mindset to get back to your best when it is all over. It will be a challenge but you are up for it. You survived The Block, you can do anything!

  • Carolyn

    Best wishes for a posative outcome Katrina. I enjoy your blog and admire your spirit you are very fortunate to have a supportive and loving family …….and you are such a good wife and mum.
    Big hug 💐😘

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