In my kitchen

This is the place where I spend most of my time – my kitchen. Not because I love to cook! Oh no, I don’t like to do that! 😉 But because it’s a great space to be in which overlooks the family and dining area. My pantry is in another room behind the oven wall (door is on the left in the photo) – it’s a nice place to hide in too! The fridge, deep freezer, microwave, jug, huge whiteboard, school bags etc… is all in that room. I wanted to hide all the ‘stuff’. The right-hand side of the mantle just repeats the left-hand side overhead cupboards – so yes it’s a fabulous size and I’m not complaining!


What’s your favourite room in your house? Bedroom? Kitchen? Office? Living room?

PS. The chairs came from The Complete Garden (I know someone will ask!). They were bar height, but we chopped them down a bit to suit the bench height.


  • Sheridan

    Oh my – so clean and white. I love it. I knew where the stools were from as a friend also has them. Can you tell me where your clock is from? x

  • Ashlea

    Love the serving tray to the left and your kitchen overall…sigh! My favourite room is not actually inside the house – its our back verandah we recently constructed. Its my sanctuary 🙂

  • Kylie

    My kitchen is the hub of my home and soon it will be the kind of kitchen I have dreamt about!!!! I too have the pantry that has school bags,note boards,school notes bench…fridge freezer X2 and It is true love for me in there…I am quite obsessed with it and whilst it is big I still would go bigger!!! lol!!!’

  • Tarryn plant

    Gorgeous. Just wondering where you sourced the subway tiles. I have been looking for nice ones but no luck!

  • A-M

    Glorious kitchen. xx

    • Katrina (author)

      Just needs lights and we’re done 🙂

  • Allaine Pedros

    now that’s what i call a clean kitchen! good job!

  • angie

    Love the whitness of kitchen. I am doing a Hamptons style kitchen too. Can you tell me what colour the cabinets and the colour stone you used? I wish you would post some more pics as well! thanks

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