Josh & Jenna’s Hamptons bathroom on Reno Rumble!

I have always loved a splash of the Hamptons – and of course Josh and Jenna nailed it as always on Reno Rumble this week.

A word from Jenna –

Marble Herringbone tiles were the feature, custom vanity, Venetian plaster walls meant we didn’t need tiles in the Shower on the walls – wainscoting gave the Hamptons look. Our favourite part- there were two windows in the room, we didn’t want to block these with a permanent mirror so we installed a rail with two sliding mirrors so you could sit the mirrors in the centre of windows when not in use.

Very clever!

Here are the photos (sorry they are so over-exposed!)…

JJ_wk3_r2_bath00_260 JJ_wk3_r2_bath29_258 JJ_wk3_r2_bath01_255 JJ_wk3_r2_bath02_230 JJ_wk3_r2_bath03_242 JJ_wk3_r2_bath04_237 JJ_wk3_r2_bath05_231 JJ_wk3_r2_bath06_233 JJ_wk3_r2_bath07_245 JJ_wk3_r2_bath08_256 JJ_wk3_r2_bath09_251 JJ_wk3_r2_bath10_234 JJ_wk3_r2_bath11_235 JJ_wk3_r2_bath17_241 JJ_wk3_r2_bath20_244 JJ_wk3_r2_bath27_252 JJ_wk3_r2_bath28_257

I love the floor and that skylight is amazing. What a fresh, bright room.

What did you think?


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