I’ve turned another year older


Today is my birthday… I am never in love with having a birthday and I don’t care much for the fuss. But I have had a great day! I spent it with my closest friends and we enjoyed a fancy lunch out. Now I am just kicking back with the people I love the most… I couldn’t have wished for anything more.

I turned 36 today incase you were wondering! I usually have to count up the years to remember how old I am going to be because I always get it wrong. I usually add a year to it! I think I’ve done ok so far as a 36 year old. I finished school, got a Uni degree, got married at 22 and I had all of my 3 boys in my 20’s. I have noticed a really big shift in my lifestyle in the past 18 months. My boys have all gone off to school and they don’t need my like they used to. They sleep all night, eat almost everything and can pretty much look after themselves. They ride their bikes, play sport and eat a lot. We don’t have toys laying around any more and there aren’t many tears or tantrums. I feel really lucky that by the age of 36 I can say that my family is what makes me truly happy. I see the years heading towards my 40’s filled with some serious goal-achieving. I didn’t work much at all during my 20’s when a lot of my friends did. They were travelling or putting huge dents in their mortgages… But that’s ok, it’s my turn now! By the time I am 40 I will have teenagers and one will have a job no doubt. So I am happy to be working hard now and I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring. I have time on my hands, there’s no more babies, and no huge plans. I am ready to tackle things head on and want to make the most out of the rest of my 30’s.

So CHEERS to the year ahead and I look forward to sharing another year with you all in blogland. X

PS. C’mon Kate Middleton! Tomorrow is 15th July in England so I give you permission to let your baby share the date with me 😉



  • Helen Jaman

    Happy Birthday Katrina, sounds like you have had the perfect day! Enjoy your evening! Hx

  • Jaz

    Happy Birthday Katrina! Those flowers are beautiful (despite the one that I had to check twice in case it was a cabbage!). No royal baby news yet. X

  • Jode

    Happy Birthday Treen,
    Even though I’m not really in blog land much anymore, thought I’d wish you a happy birthday over here too! & by the way, Kate is having the baby on my birthday (16th!) lol
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
    x Jode

  • Karen Savage

    Happy Birthday Katrina, Enjoy YOUR day!

  • KL

    Happy Birthday Katrina! Wishing you all the best.
    x KL

  • Deb Walkenhorst

    Nooooo she needs to have it on my birthday tomorrow! I turn the big 40 and am currently in koh Samui with 6 of my closest friends and my hubby. Can HIGHLY Recommedn that as a way to celebrate! Happy birthday!

  • Mum E

    Happy Birthday! It’s lovely that you have such a sense of peace and accomplishment with your life at 36. You deserve every happiness and success! xox

  • Design Chic

    Happy Birthday, Katrina. Hope it’s a wonderful day!!

  • Billie makes a home

    A HUGE Happy Belated Birthday Katrina!
    Cheers to a great year ahead for you filled with happiness and success!

  • Deanne

    happy birthday for yesterday, hope you had a great day!

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