It’s a battle today…

I am battling with my children today. Some days the control I have over them is not there. It’s my fault… I know that. They act up because they get too much. They don’t know what it’s like to do it tough.
So they have argued and fought all day. I have screamed and begged and pleaded with them to stop.
It came to the crunch and after the big full scale production I put on, I took every remote control, every game and every tv and put it all on the kitchen bench. This caused a LOT of screaming and crying, but eventually I won. They stopped crying and fighting and are all laying in their rooms as I write this.
Please may tomorrow be a better day…


  • MotorbikesLady

    Good on you sometimes kids need a bit of tough love to understand things.

    At the time kids may not understand the tough love but eventually they come to & I feel when they do come to that part they love you even more for it.

    If you need some one to talk to or a shoulder to cry or anything else I'm here for you.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  • bigwords is...

    Oh honey, crap days seems to last forever. Tomorrow will be a better one!

    You should see the post I write on Monday when I was going out of my brain. Haven't put it up on my blog yet, but I'm sure the next day I have a rough one I will. Sometimes the simple act of writing about it, makes you feel better.


  • Alison Gibbs

    Oh no, how many days until they go back to school. My grandkids go back 4th Feb. hope for your sanity your kids go earlier

  • Niki

    Mine are being downright feral. I am at my wits end. I too have taken every controller & mouse in the house. That went down well. NOT.
    Seriously being out of control at the moment. Aarggggg.

  • Jenny

    Its the school holidays – time to go back now…. 😉

  • Elements

    KC it must be the moon and testosterone day. Mr3 has been an absolute tool today……I know its a growth spurt I know he's tired. I know he's testing his boundaries but I still have to teach him right from wrong no matter what the excuses behind his bad behaviour. Tomorrow will be better when he's at day care and we both have a day off from pushing each others buttons.
    Is it wrong when he says "I want" and I say in a whiny little boys voice "I want, I want, I want" too?
    Anyway in case I don't get a chance later…….my blog looks awesome thanks. Very streamlined. You Rock.

  • Letitia Linke

    Oh I am hearing you! Same in this house today. It has got to the point where I hear them raise their voices and instantly I raise mine "BOYS!" …… not good. Bring on school and kindy! Letitia x

  • Karyn

    Im hearing you !!

  • Mrs B

    You know I have 3 boys as well so as much as I love the days where they are just perfect, there are many days that are depressing because of their fighting. I think it boils down to boredom…when we are actually on a holiday, they do not fight once.
    I find the best cure is to send a boy off to their friends house and all of a sudden, the other 2 calm right down…works every time.

    Mrs B xx

  • Linda

    Hi Katrina I was just popping in to catch up with everthing that you have been up to. I can sooo relate to this post boys got to love them if not they would just send us insane I have been told though by many friends teenage boys are a bit easier to handle then teenage girls. So I pity my friends with teenage girls. LOL Thank you for stopping by my blog I was hoping that there was at least someone out there still following. Cheers and best wishes Linda

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