It was an extraordinary weekend. So much can happen in 3 days…

I don’t even know where to begin with my recent weekend! It was pretty full on. My head hit the pillow last night and I think I may have been snoring!

I left early Friday morning and I was the driver. I drove my friend’s car to Melbourne as she’d hurt her wrist and couldn’t drive. Her car was very fancy! I felt like royalty… it was a nice start to the weekend. We chatted the whole way. I’m sure we solved every mothering problem there ever was! She has 5 girls, I have 3 boys and another friend has one of each, so between us, we were the experts that day.

So, 25 girls from Wagga in Melbourne was always going to be crazy. The weekend had trouble written all over it!

I don’t drink, so I was the sensible mother hen the whole time and was usually heading to bed before every one else.

But firstly I posed with my nieces. Yes, I am their Aunty (which is very weird to me still). Well I’m their Aunty by marriage. They are all total rat bags and always have me in stitches. The whole of Wagga knows these little babes…

Then Josh and Jenna came and picked me up. We squealed and laughed in the car on the way to their house. I hadn’t seen them for a few months. There was so much to chat about! Their reno is in full swing. I walked in and burst out laughing! “You’re still living like THE BLOCK!” Yes, their house mimicked our block days. I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s going to look fabulous though. The photos above are a sneak peak. Jen wouldn’t turn around!

We had a gorgeous dinner in Seddon at Le Chein. Delicious! Then they dropped me back to the Crown to find my lovely party friends in full swing (some already needing to be carried home! Haha). I snuck off after a while and was bright as a button the next morning. Well, the real party hadn’t even started!

I had a lovely brunch in the city on Saturday morning. I wasn’t in the mood to shop as I was all shopped out after New York. Plus it was freezing! Oh my goodness Melbourne you really can be cold!


The birthday was at the Cookie Bar in Swanston Street at lunch time. We all got spruced up in our best gear. The hair straighteners where flying, the high heels were out, we were running from room to room…

The cake! My sister-in-law is a beauty therapist so this was perfect for her. Made by Amie of course! It was very funky.

The cake aftermath!

Our little memento for the night… Pretty cool hey?

The Cookie Bar. You must go here if you can! It was so good. They serve Thai food and yummy cocktails!

After lunch (which turned in to dinner), I went back to the Casino, had a wander, a gossip in some of the girls rooms and my head hit the pillow. It was a huge day, a gorgeous birthday and a lot of fun.

We all woke on Sunday morning with the intention of going shopping at Chadstone, but after a dreadful phone to one of the girls saying her mother had passed away, the plans had changed. Cancer, you’re an arsehole. She had only been diagnosed with it 4 weeks ago and this was not what my friend was ready for… 🙁 I had never packed so fast in my life. I was going to be the driver because I knew Melbourne well and I wasn’t dusty from alcohol so a group of us were in the car within 20 minutes. It was a very sobering drive home. Lots of love to her this week.

I had such a crazy weekend! I need to recover this week. I’ve got some work on, so it will be head down bum up. The kids have some activities today, there is washing to do and food to get. Hope you have a great day! X

What’s happening in your neighbourhood this week?


  • Deanne

    Glad you had a fab weekend! sorry about your friend’s mum.

  • Belinda

    Such a shame a fabulous weekend ended on such a terribly sad note. Cancer is an arse.
    Josh and Jenna’s kitchen looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see their house all finished.
    Condolences to your friend.

    PS Your nieces do look very familiar

  • Penny barns

    What a fun filled weekend you had.
    Those girls are a crazy bunch do I can imagine what funny things they got up to.
    Love josh & Jenna’s pics and I would love to know the colour of the walls
    Get those boys off to school, enjoy your morning cuppa and have a great day
    Pen x

    • Kelly

      Me too that colour is fabulous!!

  • Renata

    What a wirlwind weekend! The house looks like it will be fantastic!
    I love Melbourne, and I dont mind the cold weather!
    So sad for your friend though, not good 🙁

  • Penny barns

    What a fun filled weekend you had.
    Those girls are a crazy bunch so i can imagine what funny things they got up to.
    Love josh & Jenna’s pics and I would love to know the colour of the walls
    Get those boys off to school, enjoy your morning cuppa and have a great day
    Pen x

  • A-M

    Oh how devastating for your dear friend. Life changes so unexpectedly all the time… that is one thing that is guaranteed. I can’t believe you’re all shopped out from New York! I am the opposite!.. I went over there, a minimalist and a non-consumer and now I stare wistfully in shop windows dreaming of buying everything. I am ruined! A-M xx PS I dream of those damn fine pizzas too.

  • Kira

    Sounds like it was a really great weekend. Josh & Jenna’s house is looking amazing. Really sorry to hear about your friend’s mother. Sending love and positive thoughts her way.

  • Scandi Coast Home

    I really enjoyed seeing Josh & Jenna’s house.
    I’m so sorry for your friend though……what a terrible time for her……
    Tania xx

  • Rinniez

    Oh your poor friend! Best wishes to her and her family at this time!

    As for the rest of the weekend, it sounds like an absolute blast! 🙂 xx

  • Jodie aka Mummaducka

    How terrible for your friend. Sometimes it is the fight that takes them. Cancer is a horrible theif. I too lost my mum, but was lucky enough to be with her. She only got 16 weeks. Otherwise, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  • Annie

    Oh dear your poor friend, what a way to finish the weekend.

  • Kim

    Thanks for driving us! It was a great weekend but sadly it ended with much sadness. I was so upset she wasn’t with her mum but was grateful she was with beautiful friends to care for her.
    I think I might need a little rest today to get over the midnight arrival home. x

  • Brianna Sue

    If I had a weekend like this!

  • MyLemonayde

    What a fab weekend, Amie is so talented, bet it tasted as good as it looked. Loving the update on Josh and Jenna’s house. I miss ‘The Block’. Sorry for your friends bad news, 4 weeks isn’t long enough!

  • Jo from Brisbane

    So sorry to hear about your friend’s mum. My friend’s mum who I knew well passed away suddenly a few months ago.

    I can totally relate to the not needing to shop after New York, even Melbourne can’t compare!

    If you need some sunshine you should come up to Brisbane. I’m kicking off my 40th celebrations this weekend with High Tea at Versace with some girlfriends followed by a weekend at Sunshine Coast with four families and kids, crazy I know but I did NY so need to include hubby and kids 🙂

  • Libby

    Sorry to hear of your friends mum…heartbreaking to think she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye:(
    Photos amazing – you and your girlfriends are spunks!!! Must be something in the water in wagga:)

  • Maid in Australia

    What a wonderful weekend – until I reached the part about your friend’s mum. Cancer is so cruel. My sympathies. xx

  • B

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s mum 🙁

    J&J’s house looks amazing!


  • Ange

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend despite the upsetting news at the end. How good is Cookie – it is one of my favourite Melbourne restaurants that I visit every time I’m there! Ange

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