When stuff happens around you and life takes some twists and turns, no doubt you seek advice from someone older and wiser…

My Mum and I were chatting the other day about ‘stuff’. I usually whinge and she throws out some sensible conversation. Lately I have been complaining about “what will I really do with myself…” kinda thing. Actually, I’ve been doing this a lot since being on The Block. Being on reality tv doesn’t give you a job, so I’m trying to work out exactly what I would be good at… (I gave you a look back on my 20’s here).

My Mum said something that I cannot stop thinking about. She said “I know this sounds strange, but it’s true: when you hit your 40’s you become invisible.” I was like, really? How? She believes that if you haven’t got yourself sorted by the time you’re 40, then it’s too hard to get a job/career and compete with 20 year old’s. Our population is over-run by Gen-Y, and they are taking over the world.

I thought about it for days. Maybe it’s true. I mean, I can’t say if it’s true or not because I am not yet in my 40’s, but what if I got to 40 and realised I could no longer compete?

So, Mum asked me to sort myself out and get a job. Even retrain, or do a course. You see, I’d be happy to watch tv, and blog forever, but that doesn’t pay the bills 😉 She told me my kids were only “on loan” and they will leave me, then I will have a good 20 years left to work and be my own person. She said if I don’t sort that out now, it won’t be easy to compete with those 20 year old’s. I did the maths and I know my boys will all have their own lives by the time I am in my early 40’s. She reminded me of a time in her life when they moved to Albury and I was at boarding school. She was only 38. I couldn’t believe how the time had flown by. I couldn’t believe she was 38! So Mum asked me to think about things and make a plan…

But I’m still not sure…


  • le_third

    well lovely Katrina today is the day I turn 46 and I do not feel invisible 🙂 you need victoria rose – over 50 and fabulous you can google her:) I think you might have the notion wrong – it’s not about ‘compete’ in your 40s esp not with gen y 🙂 if that is where you are driving yourself from it will all end in tears. If anything your 20s was compete and maybe your 30s was grow and define and then your forties can be thrive and consolidate …. and then the fifties … that should be FUN ! you have a lot going on at present with the house build and all … maybe it’s focus you want … on less and do more with the less … just suggesting stuff here not preaching … best le xox

  • Catherine

    I don’t think the questions you’re facing are age bound, I think they can come up at any age. You’re a great communicator and have a great sense of style – I actually thought you were an interior designer of some sort before realising you run Media Maid.

    I’m just finding my path too – it’s a long road but it’s worth it. Find your passion 🙂

  • anastasia

    im 42 now and still feel ‘young’ in that Im still very interested in learning, observing, being in touch. I can see what your mum is trying to say but the great thing about getting older is having the freedom to be who you want to be! There are a lot of expectations and yes, everything is marketed and geared for the younger generation but it doesnt mean we cant participate!!!

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