Interior style with Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are highly desirable in many homes these days. They seem to be a staple favourite for both brand new and existing windows. The ability to have them custom made to fit is very appealing. They also stay with the home when you sell it so they can add value to your home.

I am a big fan of them and have them installed throughout most of my home. Most pleasingly they add curb side appeal and look great from the outside. I have the hidden tilt rod in mine, so they are neat, sit inside the window and have clear view functionality without breaking the flow of the shutters.

plantation shutters

Have you been thinking about adding Plantation Shutters to your home? Maybe you need to get some in before Christmas Day? I always have this big rush around Christmas to get my house looking schmick before any visitors pop in. Did you know you can order Plantation Shutters online and install them yourself? And you can have them in before Christmas? But you’ll have to order now!

iseekblinds can help you do just that! They actually have 2 ranges of Plantation Shutters – Basswood and Express. You can read all about the differences on their website here. The biggest one will be your order/delivery times. You really should consider the Express Plantation Shutters. They look and feel exactly the same as the Basswood but are made from PVC. They are humidity and moisture resistant, making it an ideal choice for any ‘wet’ areas such as bathrooms, kitchens & laundries. But they look amazing in any room of the house. They are made in Australia and only take roughly 5 weeks from ordering to delivery.

The Christmas cuts offs are days and weeks away so here are some dates for you. If you’ve been thinking about the Basswood Shutters then jump on to that this weekend! If you go for the Express then you still have a couple of weeks to get your measuring and ordering sorted.


Now don’t be frightened about how to measure. I promise it’s not hard. The iseekblinds website is FULL of help.

Say for example you’re thinking of ordering the Express Plantation Shutters. You’d head to their website where you’ll find a full range of tabs like Technical Specs, Colours, Options, How to Order, How to Install… It’s very thorough. The best part is looking through the gallery of images so you can be inspired or find a finished room which might help you visualise your own style. You don’t have to take my word for it! Hop over and see for yourself 🙂

Here are a few photos I stole from the iseekblinds website. These are of the Express Plantation Shutters.


These Express Plantation Shutters look fantastic in the bedroom. They are hinged with a hidden tilt rod. The support bar in the middle follows the natural flow of the window frame – it matches up perfectly.


You can see how these have been designed to accommodate an awning window.


Gorgeous over the kitchen sink!


The corner window has been taken care of.


If you have a tricky window then iseekblinds will always have a solution. Whether it be a corner window, or one with a frame through the middle, or an extra long window or an awning window.

Have you been thinking of Shutters? They give such a uniform look and can easily be customised to suit any window you have in your home.

Check out all your options on the iseekblinds website today!

♥ KC.

I am working with iseekblinds over the next 12 months in an ambassador role. 


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