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I am a serial instagrammer. I have to check the app, post on it and stalk people all day long. It’s my weakness! I don’t think I could go cold turkey. I love finding new accounts too. People are so clever and talented. I am inspired every day. That’s got to be a good thing hey?? 😉

I also love it when people share their favourite accounts, so today I have 13 of mine. I look for these guys all the time. Some accounts I love for their adventures, or their family life, but these guys do beautiful things with interiors and that makes me stalk them HARD! I love to see what’s happening around their homes.

Check them out…

Hong is an awesome designer/stylist. She did live in Brisbane, but is now in Singapore doing cool things. Her home is forever changing and evolving and she thinks outside the box. Follow her here.


Anna does a very neat vignette and shelfie! I love her style. She did a tour of her laundry yesterday and it was cheap DIY project which I loved. You can follow her here.


I’ve been stalking another Katrina for some time. She lives in New Zealand and if you’ve seen her home you’ll never forget it. Sensational. And she does a lot of the work herself. You must follow!


Clare is the bomb. And she’s like me – forever changing, painting and shopping her own home to come up with a new bedroom or living room look. Check out this navy wall she painted last weekend. You can follow her here.


I met Katy in real life a few weeks ago. It makes a difference when you suddenly think you know someone hahaha! All these years of trawling through her beautiful home. You can follow here.


Shelley makes and renovates stuff. And is bloody good at it. She also takes very good photos which I love. As soon as I see a photo come up in my feed I can tell it’s her before I even look at the name. She loves indoor plants, so that’s why I stalk. Follow here.


Catherine does some super dooper interior styling. And it’s calming and fresh. This is why I love following her. I think she’s building her own house soon so I’ll be all over those images. Follow here.


I started following Belinda when this cool daybed kept coming up in my feed. She changes it and totally aces it. Then if you scroll through her other photos you’ll love her home. I want everything! Follow here.


I feel like Kristie and I should be besties. We go wayyyy back in terms of stalking (ie. I stalk her!!). I have been following Kristie since we both started blogging. Years!! She’s very good at what she does and has a different style to me, but I am so in love with it. Follow her here.


Chelle’s taste is so neat and fresh. Her bedroom styling got me hooked one day and now I love seeing her home pop up in my feed. Follow here.


I started following Kate because I noticed she had similar kitchen pendants to me and I thought oh she must have good taste 😉 Ha! Seriously love her kitchen and bedroom styling. You can follow here.


Don’t we all love Simone?? This little room update she did a couple of weeks ago is the best ever. She has 3 boys too, but is much more stylish than me! I drool every time she posts something new. Follow here.


I love Kate and her style. She changes it up all the time and I love to see what comes next. I love her laundry. And I love how she uses black to make everything pop. Follow here.


There you go! If you don’t already follow this lot then hopefully you’ll have found some new peeps to stalk.

Let me know which accounts you love?? I’m always looking for inspiration.

Of course, please come and follow me!! 

♥ KC.


  • Katrina Messervy

    My style has taken a huge leap from safe and fairly matchy matchy into the beautiful world of simple boho, plants & Persian rugs. I used to bag my Mum out back in the 80’s for her macrame hangers & brass pots, now I love them!! . I’m drawing huge inspiration on IG from Collectivco, organic_everything, kismet_house, wellsheltered & houseofsixinteriors

  • Lorraine Gombi

    Instagram is a great forum to help with styling tips
    I follow all these accounts and have been inspiring after we renovated our home

  • Jorja Thompson

    Lisa Whiffen check out some of these Insta pages!

    Thanks Katrina I love your posts Jorja – Justsoydelish

  • Katie Drady

    Does anyone follow any Instagram users that have cool inspo for teen boys rooms? I can never find much for older boys rooms.. thanks

    • Lorna McGowan-Leet

      Honey and Fizz – her home is amazing but she has done her older boys room and it looks amazing!

    • Teah Price

      Moore Creative has just done a gorgeous coastal style boys room

  • Clare Barnes

    Thankyou lovely for including me in this wonderful mix of talented women! Xx

  • Kristie Castagna

    Get Out! Thankyou I know if we lived in the same town we would totally be cracking each other up on numerous levels. Feeling the love KC

  • Priscilla Skarpona

    Haven’t open the link yet but I recognise that beautiful bedroom Miss Clare

  • Clare Kinsey

    Cracker bunch of ladies!! love Instagram for inspo and community ❤️

  • Teah Price

    Along with a fair few of these, I also love the.other.lauren and darlingmess

  • Beck @craftypjmum

    I follow quite a few of these accounts and love them all. Thank you for sharing your favourites and showing me a few new lovelies to follow x

  • Hayley

    Home_loves_ daubed is from IKEA I think.
    I’ve been drooling over it for years

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