Indoor plants look better in a basket

Decorative Plants

Indoor plants look better in a basket

I really love the trend of putting indoor plants in a basket. They just look better don’t you think? First you need to find an indoor plant that you won’t kill haha. I have ideas for you here and here. OR if you’re really going to kill them (like I do often!) then here is a post on the best artificial ones.

There’s a few options –

  • the seagrass basket (or belly basket)
  • a painted basket (or half dipped)
  • or a wire basket around a garden pot


Any option looks great! I have a photo dump of cool ideas below which I found by just typing in basket plant on Pinterest. Check them out + below I have some ideas on where to buy the baskets…












Here are some shopping ideas!

01. / 02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09.

Also check out my instagram for my own basket usage 😉

Happy shopping. ♥ KC.

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  1. I have a fig in a basket (real fig, Kmart basket). I love the MIL’s tongue in the baskets – I might need to add one of those in the house somewhere.

  2. How do you do a real plant in a seagrass basket? Do you need to keep it in a separate pot or can it get wet? Sorry for silly questions

    1. You keep it in a plastic pot with a saucer underneath to catch any drips after watering – you just hide it all inside the decorative basket! 🙂

  3. Question! I bought a few fiddle leaf fig trees and I am contemplating the best inner pots for drainage and protection from the basket. I want to avoid root rot.

    Any suggestions on if an inner pot is needed, or the best options out there?

    Thank you!

  4. Same question as Emily. How do you stop the basket from getting wet. Assume a pot inside but it would need drainage to stop root rot?

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