Today I’ve got 5 indoor plants which can survive almost in the dark with little fuss. I wrote a post a few months ago on the best Indoor Plants, but I’ve narrowed it down to just a few that are hard to kill!

Last week I needed a bit of retail therapy and I text my girlfriend to tell her I was heading to Bunnings. We laughed because she heads for the clothes stores, I head to the hardware store for plants and outdoor pots! You can never have too many green goodies I say… 😉

Zanzibar Gem

This is my favourite. I have 3 of them (you can see my BIG one here). They can grow in a dark cupboard and only need water 4-5 times a year. They are cheap too – about $30 for a good sized one and my local Bunnings store have them all the time. They look great in bathrooms, on bedside tables, or in the kitchen.

Parlor Palm

A bit grassy looking, but hardy and stands nice and tall so suits a corner area.

Boston Fern

These are very cute and also come in a hanging pot. I have one in my eldest son’s bedroom hanging up high and it’s doing well. I water it every 10 days or so.

Mother In Law’s Tongue

These are everywhere at the moment. You can’t kill them! They will grow in any spot. I like the look of them too.

Peace Lily

A nice colour and leaf shape with a flower here and there. I have one in a dark corner in my office and it’s doing well. It doesn’t need a lot of water either. I just give it a drink when it looks very droopy every month or so.

There you go, fail safe plants you will find hard to kill. ♥ KC.

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