I’m going to the Logies tonight!

Ok, sorry if you’re sick of all my Logies talk – I promise it will all be over soon, but hey I only get to do this once and not many people get to do this at all!

It’s 5am and I woke with a fright. I am so excited.

I’ll have a running commentary of my day on twitter so follow along there if you’re interested. I can’t tweet during the event 🙁 Sorry! But I will try to sneak some photos on twitter for you…

Most of the Logie people are either in Melbourne already, or will be there early this morning getting hair and make-up done. I decided to do things backwards. There is only 1 flight to Melbourne from Wagga today and it’s not until 12.30pm. I opted to take that flight because my other option would have been to fly down yesterday. Too hard with 3 little kiddies leaving them behind for 3 days (my husband is coming to the Logies – well he’s not in the Logie room, but at the Channel 9 Partner’s Function and then the After Party).

Plus, I wanted my best friend (my hairdresser) and another good friend of mine to do my hair and make-up. So I’ll arrive at Crown Towers at 2.30pm and have to be ready by 4pm. Helen Manuell (who is making our dresses) will meet me at Crown with my frock and will dress me. She’s also making Giaan Rooney’s so Giaan is coming to my room to get ready as well.

We gather as a group to start walking the red carpet from 4.30pm.

My Mum and Dad are travelling down this morning too. They are sitting in the bleachers right on the red carpet. They can snap plenty of photos, so I’ll get Dad to text me some and I’ll tweet them before the show (if I can!). They have to gather at the Crown at 2.30pm and will be seated in the bleachers from that time until the red carpet finishes at 6.30pm. They aren’t allowed to get up or go to the toilet! My parents are so excited. They are staying at The Langham, so will head back there to watch the show on the tv.

The Block gang are all walking the red carpet as a group. We’ll be told when it’s our turn. We’ll wait in a room with all other celebrities, then jump in a car/limo and be taken to the red carpet.

Then the show begins! I’ve got my smile and poses ready lol 😉

After, we’ll be at the After Party! I’ll tweet you from there that’s for sure.

Tomorrow we are heading to an invite only media event at the new Block houses. I’ve seen them before, but they were a mess, so can’t wait to see them again! The invite says “cast from The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice and Tricky Business will be attending…” OMG does this mean Delta or Keith Urban will be there? I’m sure they won’t, but you never know…

Anyway, here is a teaser of my dress. I know it will be so hard for you to see some of the detail on tv because I won’t know if I’ll get any air-time or not… You may only catch a teensy glimpse of me…

 [the green and blue are pins – they won’t be there!]

Ok, gotta run. I’m starting hair and make-up here in Wagga at 8.45am, then dropping kids in different places by 11am to be on that 12.30pm flight. I’m taking husband’s suit, our shoes and accessories on the flight with me – imagine if my bags got lost!!! Ouch.

Tweet you soon (and I’ll Instagram everything!).


  • Samantha

    Oh Katrina, have a fabulous time.x

  • Leonie -Australia

    Have a great time !

  • Kat

    Have a ball and give Tania and Rod (my old friends from high school) a hug from me!

  • Karen@RestyledVintage

    I have never watched the Logies before, but I will tonight because of you and your excitement about it 🙂 I hope you are having a ball!

    xx Karen

  • julienne

    My best wishes go with you.

  • Linda Jenkins

    Go the Block – well done everyone. Katrina you and Aimee looked lovely have a fantastic night, the kid organising is always worth it for a special night out!!

  • Jo

    Have just seen your photo on FB. You look gorgeous. And talk all you like – especially afterwards – because we can all live vicariously through you.

    After watching The Voice tonight, I have “a thing” for Seal. I think it’s the accent, or is it the body? Hmmm, not sure. But anyway, tell him I said hi and I have a lovely sister for him because I hear he may be looking …..

    Hope you have had a great night xx

  • Antoinette

    Congratulations!!! You looked stunning

  • Jaynie

    Congrat’s on the award for the Block! You looked gorgeous! First Logies and you end up on the stage!? Not bad. What a year eh! Congrats again. Looking forward to a blog about the after party!?

  • Nicholle Olores

    You look great and congratulations! You deserve it girl. 🙂

  • Beth

    Congratulations to you and Aimee on the Logie – very well deserved. I’m sitting watching The Block 2012 and wondering where it’s all going to go. I hope you feel that all the ups and downs that you went through were worth it after last night.

  • Niki

    You looked amazing.
    That is all.

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