Hi there! Thanks for popping in…

I just thought I’d give you a run down on my latest medical woes… well, I have a lot of crohn’s followers and I’m an over-sharer, so I am happy to take the good with the bad.. that’s just life! But if you prefer house plans and pretty things, I’ll be back tomorrow with that 😉




{My most favourite book ever! This was given to me when I was in Year 11 at school and I still love reading Nan Witcomb’s poetry}

So anyway, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. I know it’s been coming on for a few weeks. So, I’ve spent a few days in hospital this week. I probably should have been there over Easter but I refused because I knew a doctor would not come to see me – I knew I’d be laying there for days…

I have a history of developing abscesses and they turn nasty (and even septic very quickly). I saw my GP on Tuesday and it was decided I needed to get to hospital to be monitored. I was ok with that and knew it was coming. I’d prepped my family about the possibility of this happening over Easter, so they were all ready and nothing came as a surprise. I had pre-packed bags and got the boys sorted.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I spent a few days hooked up to antibiotics and generally NOT sleeping. I knew that 48hrs on a drip would be enough and then I could manage the rest at home on oral antibiotics. The nurses and a couple of doctors know me, and they knew that I’d be asking to be discharged! I’ve had crohn’s for 18 years and have lived in Wagga for 16 of those years… so eventually I see the same hospital staff a few times.

One day I really want to tell you all about Wagga’s public health system and how hard it is to get to the private system. You have NO idea. I have had private health forever, but the way Wagga works is that you must enter the public system to get to the private and that’s not easy! Nightmare.

Well, I am home. Drugged up and I’m bouncing back. I have some scans and things to do in the next few weeks, but I am happy to be resting here. I have my laptop handy and I am happy to hop in and out of bed for the next few days. AND do you know what’s even better?? I’m HOME ALONE until Sunday! My husband kindly took the kids camping so I could rest with nothing to do. He’s the best. This is also why the doc let me come home, because he knew I’d be able to rest.

Today I am grateful to be home. When I am sick I become so grateful for everything around me and I never want to take good health for granted. ♥ KC.

PS. Ironically, I am the guest speaker at a Crohn’s benefit luncheon in Melbourne  next week, so I have to be well for that!