I need fishing tips please (jokes)

I am outnumbered in my house. I live with 4 males and they looooooove fishing. At Christmas this year we’re heading off on a “fishing holiday” (apparently). Now, I don’t mind fishing, I’ve done it before and have caught a few fish (or maybe a string ray, it still counts). But this time, I’m taking it seriously. I will not let those boys beat me. I secretly need to have a whole lot of knowledge up my sleeve…. I will be the best fishing woman ever. Highly competitive much?

See, proof I’ve been fishing… (what’s that type of fish though?). I truly did catch it.

I was watching ET’s fishing show yesterday and I know that I have to use soft plastics (not bait) and if I want to catch flathead I need to be able to see the sand under the boat (shallow water). Do you reckon this is right? I know we will be fishing in an Estuary, so it’s not rough open waters. It’s the start of my research! Oh, and I NEED a pink fishing rod. What sort do I get?

I won’t need to worry about competing against my husband because he spends the whole time untangling, casting and baiting the kids rods. Haha! I am just going to quietly cast my own rod and sit back and watch those fish jump on to my rod! I’m totally in to it. Oh, and the person who broke in to our house a few months ago, can you give our fish finder back?? I know I’m going to need that!

I think I should even get my boat license. What if I wake up early one morning on holidays and want to head out early to catch some fish? I could do that! Oh wait… no I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to back up the trailer!!! Haha didn’t think of that. Ok, so I don’t need my license.

Right, fish freaks, hit me with your knowledge (or laugh at me!). HA!

Happy Monday! X


  • A-M

    Ha,ha,ha,ha oh you know way more than me, already. Just keep watching those fish shows! I think a hot pink fishing rod would help. Surprise Mr Chambo with your boat licence! Boats, forklifts, you’ll be set. It’s going to be a ‘boy heaven’ holiday! A-M xx

  • RuthBT

    I am totally hearing you. I live in a fish obsessed household too. I know from the boys that flathead fishing is a bit of an art. I think you have to let the “squiggy” hit the bottom before you bring it up a bit. As to what rod to buy – if the water is clear you are not in a good position with a pink rod – but it will look good! I also figure getting my boat license is a good move – gotta have something to do as unlike you I am not interested in fishing AT ALL!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahaha “Squiggy”??? You know more than me! X

        • Emily

          My partners life is fishing – you mean Squidgy – for flat head I would think you would need a ‘lobby’.. And a med sized jig head – Kris is a fishing guru He has been on the AFC fishing show on telly lately, and you can see his pretty face on the squidgy website..
          Honestly though just use bait – then you can just throw it in and leave it.. If you use a plastic you will need to either slow wind it back the whole time and do a little rod jiggling!! I much prefer the laziest way of fishing 🙂

          • Katrina

            I am laughing so much Emily! You’re the best! Has he got any tips for fishing in Narooma? X

          • Emily

            I wish I could ask him but he’s away in QLD fishing a Bream comp (I’m pretty sure you have a bream in your piccie!!).. I remember attempting to fish off a board walk in narooma as a kid with 58 other tourists and catching nothing.. So my hot tip will be to stay away from their haha..ask the guys at the local tackle shop 🙂
            Good luck!!

  • Deanne

    I am quite happy to sit on the beach with a book and leave the fishing up to hubby and the kids!

  • Priya

    I would look up for some tips too …on second thoughts i may not be a good at fishing ever , i am not so patient to sit on a spot 🙂

  • Michelle Hayward

    When I was a very little girl my grandad took me fishing all of the time. I even had a ‘fishing shirt’ and my own rod. We had a boat and it was my favourite time with him! Sadly I remember nothing else but the sweet memories of just sitting with him, and him baiting the hook and casting it into the deep for me, and occasionally coming up with a toadfish or an old boot! LOL So I’m absolutely zero use to you! My sons are fishermen! They love it! But they don’t take their dear old mum lol. I don’t do baiting hooks, and I don’t do sunburn. But it sure is fun and I love the rocking of the boat! It’s very serene and calming…I miss that and I miss my grandfather too! I was ten when he died, and it’s been a long time since I held a rod! Have fun! Enjoy! And I hope you catch a big one…of course, remember no matter how big it is, the boys are ALWAYS gonna talk about ‘the one that got away!’ 😉

  • Fiona, Lilyfield Life

    oh I grew up fishing most weekends! on the beautiful twofold bay at Eden. for flathead let your sinker hit the sand and then wind it up about 10cm so your hook is just above the sand. we used to use prawns as bait.

    good luck with it. i love fresh fish!


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