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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me bang on about doTERRA oils a little bit lately. I know I am late to the party (because you’re telling me you love them already!). BUT if you’re new then today I have a quick explanation on how you can get started yourself.

I am loving these oils, they really do help. I am not just saying that. I had been asked so many times to try them and I just thought it was another one of “those things”. I was too ill last year with Crohn’s and I couldn’t even let the word “oils” enter my head. It was just all too much. But I wish I had listened.

If you’re new here then you can go back and read my very long suffering blog posts on my battle with complex Crohn’s Disease since I was 18 years old. I made a big decision 3 months ago to have permanent colostomy surgery. The past 2 years had been very debilitating and I didn’t leave my house very much. I was very unwell with re-occurring sepsis and was visiting the toilet hourly (and showering 4 times a day). I was down to about 58 kgs. It was really wearing me down. Mentally too.

I just wanted to feel well again, and I wanted to get on top of my illness so that I could live a better life. I took the plunge and had the surgery. Slowly I started to recover and was feeling better every single day. It was like everything had shifted for me in life. I was determined to keep it this way and no matter what I did not want to fall back down that illness hole ever again (although the surgery is not a cure, but it was a good step for me to take!). I am STILL on Humira injections so am taking traditional medicines too.

I was starting to feel so good after the surgery. I look back now and realised how miserable I was. I thought I had moments of wellness in the past few years, but I didn’t. I was just sick all the time. I couldn’t commit to anything and I could never really work properly. I wasn’t the nicest person to be around too.

So, in this new found wellness I was determined to do everything I could to stay well. I needed to add things in to help me and I wanted to change my energy levels, my moods and hormones, and just stay on top of things.

My girlfriend asked me to come to a doTERRA essential oils class with her and I did. Now I haven’t looked back! Of course doTERRA is not a cure for anything at all. But it’s one of the best “aids” out there. And if you’re not feeling so great, you have nothing to lose.

Since learning and using the oils I have decided that these have helped to change my life. I am not just saying that.

If you’re healthy then your mind is healthy, so is your family, your business, your relationships. I have a place to compare myself to – and that was this time last year. It wasn’t a great space to be in. Now, I can see that wellness (and me being the Mum and the main person in our house) has helped to change everything here at home. If I’m not well, then no one in my house truly is either. Does that makes sense?

So I want you to be well too! How can YOU takes steps to feel better? Or how can your kids feel better? I am not just someone who decided to jump in to the wellness space just because. I am someone who has lived some pretty disgusting illness symptoms for 22 years, I now wear a colostomy bag and am trying to feel well again.

doTERRA is just wonderful for key things like sleep, anxiety and energy levels across your entire family.



doTERRA is an online thing (or a little like a party plan if you know someone already selling them). But it’s not hard to just start buying them yourself. You don’t need a person to go to all the time to order oils.

Buy one-off

If you want to just try an oil as a one-off then you simply go to the SHOP tab here.

Save 25% off every time you order

  • Set up your own account by selecting JOIN & SAVE here and choose WHOLESALE CUSTOMER.
  • Be sure to add the $35 ‘Introductory Kit’ which is your yearly membership that will unlock your 25% discount.
  • Then you are free to order as you like, no gimmicks, no minimum orders.


  1. Most people do buy the HOME ESSENTIALS KIT. You will use every single one of these oils! I promise. You get the diffuser in this too and the $35 wholesale fee is already included. It will cost $330 wholesale, or $440 without the wholesale. So that’s a huge saving! You don’t have to buy this kit though, you can just begin with one or two oils. It will be under KITS – ENROLLMENT KITS.
  2. THEN, after you’ve signed you should set up an LRP monthly order. It’s like Fly-buys or Linen Lovers at Adairs. The reason WHY you should do this (but you don’t have to) is because you will receive points (even $$ commission) plus free stuff. That monthly order needs to be about $120 per month. And you can change any oils in there at any time. You can use it to add a friend’s oil here and there. So if you have someone who just wants to try an oil then use YOUR monthly order. My friend got $280 worth of free oils last month!
  3. I also bought a really cool app called Modern Essentials. It’s a light blue colour with a white flower on it. It is so handy because all you do it type in what’s wrong and it will tell you what to use so you know what to order next!



  • Sleep – Diffuse Lavender Peace
  • Anxiety – Lemon, Frankincense, Elevation, Balance, Cheer, Motivate
  • Gut – DigestZen
  • Immune – Peppermint and On Guard
  • Moods – Clary Calm

You can diffuse any of them, or dab on your wrists, behind your ears or on your temples. They last a really long time! Pinterest have so many recipes so you can make up your own. Please read here though on safe ways to use the oils.

What have you got to lose?! Get started today. You won’t regret it. Email me if you also need a hand setting things up because I can assist. If you also think you might like to become a Wellness Advocate (instead of a customer) and begin sharing the oils with your own network then just shoot me a message too.

If you live in Wagga Wagga then stay tuned because I am organising a little oil get together for anyone new.


Just head here and click JOIN & SAVE and off you go!


I am looking at building my own team! So this means, I am looking for people to make money with! If you are interested in the freedom of your own business then make sure you contact me and I’ll chat to you about helping each other to earn money and be successful with doTERRA.

♥ KC.

PS. Don’t forget that before I started loving oils, I loved crystals more, and still do. They hold a lot of power for me. ♥ ♥


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    June 13, 2018

    Hi Katrina,
    Not sure if you’ve already had the oil get together yet, but I’m definitely interested. Very keen to learn more.
    Thank you.

    • Reply


      June 14, 2018

      I will in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned. XX