I finally framed and hung our family photos.

Finally I got my butt into gear and framed and hung all the pictures the lovely Skye took of us. 
I am rapt and so happy!

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  • AnnalisaW

    Beautiful home 🙂

  • Amanda {My Life Badly Written}

    They look great Katrina!!!

  • Amanda

    They look gorgeous Katrina – I especially like the cluster of grey framed shots. Great display. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend x

  • A-M

    Super, super lovely. Such a handsome family… great hanging job too! A-M xx

  • Anna

    They look fantastic Katrina…well done…you and the boys will always have such wonderful memories attached to them because you had so much fun doing them 🙂

  • Gail McCormack

    They are fabulous Katrina!

    You've done a great job of framing them and also hanging them, easier said than done to get them all positioned properly….LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE

  • Julie-Ann

    They look so good. I have to get organised and do mine. See how inspiring you are:)

  • Alison

    Katrina they look fabulous

  • Iphigenia

    A lovely and sweet display of family photos, thank you for sharing them with us.:)

  • The Moerks

    Great hanging arrangements. they look great. Very cute photos.

  • brismod

    Lovely photos, Katrina!

  • Kerri

    They look fantastic – you've got a good-looking family there! I like your picture wall too – just right for showing off such lovely pics! K xx

  • livinglifeasme

    Gorgeous! I love your home. I love the way you group the pictures together. You too clever Mrs Chambo!

  • Jodi

    Great pics look awesome + love the russian dolls :):):)

  • Skye Rocket Studio

    They look fabulous! Dont know how you got them hung up so quick.

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