I collect {Part II}

Yesterday I showed you my tupperware. I collect a few things you know, but I am NOT a hoarder (strange I know)… I just like some things more than others!
I’ll show you more during the week. Today I will show you my bird cages… 

My nephew was helping us move house last week and as he was bringing them in he mentioned that he didn’t realised we had birds. Of course I was THE most retarded person when I tried to explain that they were “for show”. I love them!
Part III of my collections soon.


  • Sarah B

    They're lovely! I'd quite fancy myself an antique bird cage, just for show though, like you 🙂 I'm not keen on them with birds in them – way too small. Have a great day!

  • Felicity

    It seems that we both have an avarian theme going at the moment.
    Your cages are gorgeous and I'm sure they bring you great pleasure.

    I also spy a lovely collection of candle snuffers….loving them!

    Felicity x

  • Kerry

    Who couldn't love a collection, even Tupperware! I especially like those first two. And who wants bird poop in the bottom of a pretty cage anyway!

  • Jenny

    Love birdcages and would love to get hold of one, just for show too! 😉

  • Karena

    Love birdcages, they are really interesting in all dhapes sizes and colors!

    Be sure to come and enter my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign……


    Art by Karena

  • Raine and Sage

    Ha… I can imagine the confusion! 🙂

  • Linda

    I have that same white birdcage one of my boys paid for it at the store where we bought it and the lady behind the counter asked him what sort of bird we were going to put in it. My boys know me so well he just looked at her strangely smiled and said he didn't know rather then try to explain what the cage was really going to be used for.

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