I cleaned my oven naturally (without coughing on the fumes!)

The reality is, I don’t clean my oven. Like hardly ever. I hate it! I just wipe the outside and close the door. But you know how you get the urge and suddenly you can’t look at such a disgrace any longer, so it’s time to get that crap cleaned up?? Yep, this was me on Christmas Eve at 7am… haha!

And you know I’m going low-tox with as many cleaning things as possible?? So I wanted to use all my new products to show you how easy it was.

It’s bloody disgusting isn’t it??? I know!! But not for long….

This is what I did

  1. Removed the trays
  2. Heated the oven on low for about 20 mins, then turned it off.
  3. Poured my DIY Jif (recipe here) all over it, and dabbed it around.
  4. I left that on (with the warm oven and door closed) for about half an hour.
  5. I then sprayed doTERRA On Guard cleaner (from my diluted spray bottle) all over
  6. Then got to work with wiping it all clean with some hot water

Ta-dah! So fresh now! My oven has a catch tray hanging off the bottom rack so I lined that with foil so I could keep this baby clean for a while 😉


  • My husband took the trays outside and used the high pressure hose on them. So easy!
  • Use baby oil (or I am now using Fractionated Coconut Oil) to polish the sliver up with a paper towel.

To clean the glass or the stainless steel – check out this post with other cleaning recipes.

Low tox cleaning is cheap as chips too. Once you’ve gathered a few supplies you’ll be saving big dollars and your health!

♥ KC.


  • Colleen Dore

    Ha must be the time of year! Ours was disgusting too! I cleaned it yesterday with a product called oven power – no smells either! It was amazing too! Then I used Eco Works on the glass and stainless steel – it’s an Aussie made product- all natural ingredients- you should check it out too! Works all over the house! My oven is sparkling too ??

    • Katrina (author)

      Love it! Oven Power has too many chemicals for me though. But I have ekoworks and love it too! Xx

  • Julie

    Loving your ‘Jif’ recipe, thanks! The Karcher works so well on my oven shelves that I am often tempted to drag it inside and use in on the oven itself, ha ha! Hubby discarded a non-stick BBQ tray liner which was looking a little ratty and I use that to line my catch tray now, it’s fabulous. The foil used to tear and leak (probably because I was too lazy to change it out often enough, lol). I just rinse the liner off and whack it back in when it looks grotty. Now I need a solution to the crumbs that fall into the gap between the door and the oven without having to resort to the vacuum cleaner attachment!

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