How to refresh your home in 24 hours

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How to refresh your home in 24 hours

You know me, always looking for ways to give my home a quick refresh, I get bored easily. I can change my mind daily about styling my home. Sometimes all you need is a day at home, changing things up to make you feel like you’ve overhauled your home. It can be as simple as a cupboard tidy up, re-styling a vignette or replacing pendant lights.

Here are some ideas you can do this weekend to refresh your home…

Move your furniture around

Do you have all your furniture pushed up against the walls? Experiment by moving the couch off the wall, move a buffet or side table. Is there a better way to place your furniture? Can you swap furniture from the living room to your family room? Swap rugs and decor? Work with what you have first to see what may suit other rooms in your home.

Re-style your vignettes

One of my favourite things to do is to go for a walk with my scissors and clip some eucalyptus branches and style them around my home. Create vignettes or focal points on key pieces of furniture by gathering together three or four beautiful pieces that you have collected. Add a few pieces to a serving tray to create a focal point on your kitchen bench.

Replace your photos

Print off recent photos from your phone at Officeworks or similar and replace the photos you have your bedside your bed or lounge room. Add some to the kid’s rooms of their friends and sporting teams – they will think it is great!

Install new pendants over your kitchen bench

I have been thinking about doing this lately. I love my glass pendants, but feel they no longer match the rest of my home decor. Decisions decisions. I do know that if we change them, new ones will transform the look of my kitchen/dining/living area. I have these new ones above, so I’ll give them a go and see what I think!

Print new art from Etsy

You know how much I love doing this. It is so affordable to create new art this way. Here is a tutorial on how I do this. I recently did this gallery wall above. It was so cheap! The frames are a mix from Kmart and IKEA.

Clean out your pantry and style it

Ok not as fun, but a clean and refreshed pantry will give you such a feeling of satisfaction. Can you spare a shelf or two to style some plates or cups? If not, a deep clean and tidy up will refresh this space.

Freshen up your soft furnishings

Fresh new cushions and throws will brighten your home instantly. IKEA, Target, H&M, BigW and Kmart all have affordable options. Or invest in a few key pieces paired back with more affordable items. Can you change your curtains or rugs? What about trying your hand at macrame or weaving to create a wall hanging?

Change your bed linen.

Dig out an older doona cover set and challenge yourself on how to work it with the decor you have. You might surprise yourself with the result.


This has motivated me to freshen up my home this weekend. I would love to try my hand at weaving.

Happy styling!

♥ KC.

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