How to Care for a Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a popular plant often placed at the front door for prosperity. “Jade by the door, poor no more!” That’s what the Feng Shui lovers say! They are considered a “lucky plant” or “money tree”. You can’t say no to that! The money tree is used as a Feng Shui cure to attract the energy of wealth and prosperity. The money tree plant is supposed to produce positive vibrations that will bring prosperity to the owner of the house or business. It is best placed at the front door and at the back door. Here’s some more indoor plants for good energy.

Prosperity aside, the jade plant is known for its hardy green foliage and thick stems. It’s the easiest succulent to care for and a great plant for beginners.

While described as a hardy plant, it still needs a bit of care to keep it thriving.

Here’s how to care for your Jade Plant

Good Drainage is Necessary

Soggy soil can cause root rot to your Jade plant. Always ensure it is planted in a cactus mix or succulent soil to ensure adequate drainage. This type of soil will have sand and pumice to help the water drain quickly. Succulents thrive best in fast-draining soil.

Choose the right pot

It’s important to choose a pot with a drainage hole to allow for adequate drainage. If your pot doesn’t have drainage, you could drill a hole at the bottom, or fill the pot with loose stones to allow water  to filter through.

Water at the soil

When watering your Jade plant, water at the soil, not on the leaves. Use this tool to check if your Jade plant needs a drink. Alternatively, look at the top soil and if it looks dry, and if the leaves are starting to wilt, you need to give it a drink. The general rule of thumb for Jade plants is less is more. When you see water escaping the drainage holes, you know it’s had enough water. Usually once a week is best.


Jade plants need full sun. This is why they grow well outside the front door and out the back patio. If you like to keep your Jade plant inside, ensure it is in a sunny spot. Keeping it inside will stunt the growth and you may find the colour of the leaves fade. When you see this happen, take it outside. This plant thrives on sunlight.


Jade plants can thrive without fertilizer, but they will still benefit from a seaweed liquid fertilizer. You can pour it into the watering vessel when watering your Jade plant. Ensure the soil is moist when you add the fertilizer (so water first then add the fertilizer). The best time to fertilize is in Spring. Ensure the plant has sunlight when you fertilize as your Jade will grow stretched out with sparse leaves.

If you’ve found no success growing a Jade plant, it could be due to lack of sunlight. Place it outside and you will see a difference.

♥ KC.

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