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How do you buy doTERRA essential oils?

How do you buy doTERRA essential oils?

Why did I start using essential oils?

  • To recover from debilitating Crohn’s disease and colostomy surgery
  • To sleep better
  • To regulate my moods
  • To calm down when I am having a rage
  • To reduce my toxic load
  • To help my teenage boys through their own mood changes
  • To get better skin

How do you buy doTERRA essential oils?

doTERRA is bought online and it’s not hard to just start buying them yourself. It’s really easy once you set up your account.

Buy one-off

If you want to just try an oil as a one-off then you simply go to the SHOP tab here. Overall, this option doesn’t make sense because for only $35 extra you can get 25% off. See below.

Save 25% off every time you order

  • Set up your own account by selecting JOIN & SAVE here and choose WHOLESALE CUSTOMER.
  • Be sure to add the $35 ‘Introductory Kit’ which is your yearly membership that will unlock your 25% discount. If you’re buying an enrolment kit your $35 membership will already be included so no need to add.
  • Then you are free to order as you like, no gimmicks, no minimum orders.
  • More steps below ↓

Wholesale steps

To get yourself started on your oily journey to better health, sleep and energy then you CANNOT go wrong with the Home Essentials Kit (all the oils in the photo + a diffuser!). Read all about those oils here.

Step 1 – Click here to SHOP

Step 2 – Click the JOIN & SAVE tab (make sure you click through with Australia)


Step 4 – Fill out your details

Step 5 – Choose the $35 ‘Introductory Kit’ + your oils OR the Home Essentials Kit which has the $35 membership already included.

Step 6 – Wait for that order to arrive (and start using them every single day)

Step 7 – Go back to your dashboard and add a monthly wellness order called LRP – Loyalty Rewards Program – (flyer explaining it better). Once you purchase through me I’ll give you access to my private Facebook group where you can learn more about WHY you need a monthly wellness box and also gather freebies along the way. I have a video showing you how to set it all up.

Important Tips

  1. Most people buy the HOME ESSENTIALS KIT (you get all the 10 oils in the image above plus a diffuser). You will use every single one of these oils! I promise. The $35 wholesale fee is already included. It will costs $330 wholesale, or $440 without the wholesale. So that’s a huge saving! You don’t have to buy this kit though, you can just begin with one or two oils.
  2. Add the Fractionated Coconut Oil to your order. It’s $16. You WILL need to use this as a carrier oil to dilute certain oils like ICE BLUE for muscle aches and pains (similar to deep heat) because it’s very strong.
  3. THEN, after you’ve signed you should set up an LRP – Loyalty Rewards Program – monthly order. It’s like Fly-buys or Linen Lovers at Adairs. The reason WHY you should do this (but you don’t have to) is because you will receive points (even $$ commission) plus free stuff. You can change any oils in there at any time. You can use it to add a friend’s oil here and there. So if you have someone who just wants to try an oil then use YOUR monthly order. My friend got $280 worth of free oils last month! I call it my monthly wellness box though. It’s my commitment to feeling well (not just me, but my whole family). You can cancel it any time. There is no pressure to feel locked in.
  4. I also bought a really cool app called Modern Essentials. It’s a light blue colour with a white flower on it. It is so handy because all you do it type in what’s wrong and it will tell you what to use so you know what to order next!

LRP Questions

I thought this might help with a few LRP questions you may have…

You don’t HAVE to have a 125PV order every single month. You cancel anytime too. Here’s the break down >>>

→ Anything ordered up to 50PV will just maintain current points you have (so you don’t lose them)
→ Order between 50PV and 100PV and you STILL get points (10-30% back)
→ Between 100PV and 125PV will allow you to earn commission if you share the products (also used as points or you can take as cash)
→ Over 125PV gets you all the whole lot PLUS the free product of the month.


Email me any time if you have questions. Here are some blog posts I’ve written about essential oils.

I do sometimes have AFTERPAY available for these kits too. 

If you want to share oils too and be in my team go here!

Love, KC.


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