How and why to use essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated, steam-distilled or cold-pressed extracts of almost any part of a plant, such as roots, flowers, seeds, bark, or other areas of the plant, that are said to improve physical and psychological well-being. These compounds are known as essential oils. They are highly concentrated, making them extremely potent.

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils have psychological (affecting emotion), pharmacological (affecting chemistry) and physiological (affecting bodily function and process) benefits. The most common ways to use essential oils are by breathing them in and by applying them to the skin.

TOPICALLY → Oils are absorbed via the epidermis (top layer of skin), move from the soft tissue to the bloodstream, are carried to the treatment areas and then metabolised in the liver.

INHALATION → Diffuse essential oils to experience their psychological effects, such as stress relief. When inhaled, the molecules are distributed into the respiratory system, but a small amount has been shown to affect our brain.

When shopping for essential oils you need to know that not all brands are created equal. Many oils sold in grocery stores or big retailer shops include a combination of lesser and/or synthetic oils. Be sure you are purchasing 100% pure oils with clear batch numbers and ingredients.

How often can you apply essential oils?

The recommend dilution ratio is typically one drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil. It’s always advisable to use several small doses throughout the day rather than a single large dose. Start with the lowest possible dose (1–2 drops). A topical dose can be repeated every 4–6 hours as needed. This is because essential oils do metabolise after about 6 hours which means if you’d like to see the full health benefits of using them, then you must keep using them every single day!

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