House Rules 2018: Meet the teams

House Rules 2018 starts tonight! I must have been under a rock, or just still pining for Bachelor in Paradise or something because I didn’t realise it had come around so quickly. I love this show because it’s very realistic and budgets and styling is usually achievable. I also like that sometime the contestants have no idea so it makes it interesting!

So I thought I’d hunt around for some info on the contestants and just fill you in so we know who is who before tonight. There will be 7 couples this year…

Josh and Brandon

Brothers and ‘in the trade’ as both are chippies from Queensland. They will be the youngest duo this year. Their current house has been half renovated so it needs some work, but I think they’ll be handy in the competition. They admit they’ll be lacking in the styling department though!

Kim and Michelle

The first ever mother-daughter combo. These gals are currently living together with 5 other family members in a tiny house. The Tweed Heads property in northern NSW was once owned by Kim’s husband’s family and they are keen to see it handed down. It needs some work so they entered the show to hopefully create a better life for their family. The ladies are both retail assistants with no renovation experience at all.

Toad and Mandy

The engaged parents of 18-month-old twins, Lenny and Layla, live in a 150-year-old run-down house in Bega, NSW, which needs some work so they were keen to be chosen for House Rules. Mandy is a beauty therapist and Toad is a 6th generation dairy farmer. They are hard working but don’t have renovation experience. Mandy has a keen eye for design and is definitely the boss!

Mel and Dave

Mel and Dave have 2 boys and live in Hope Island on the Gold Coast. It was Mel’s idea to buy the house and they moved in without even an inspection. It’s been a never ending money pit. Dave works away as a Fly In Fly Out driller on a coal seam gas site and he is away from home 2 weeks a month. Mel has poured what little savings they had in to a gym franchise in the hope of building it up so Dave could work closer to home. They have no renovation experience but work very hard and are determined to give this their best shot.

Jess and Jared

Boyfriend and girlfriend from South Australia. They don’t live together, but would like to, however Jared’s house is falling apart and needs some work! Jared in an ex-AFL football player and is keen to lend his hand to some renovating so he can finally ask Jess to live with him. Jess is a primary school teacher. Another set of reno rookies, but can’t wait to see if they can pull it all together.

Leigh and Kristie

Leigh and Kristie are a young married couple from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular. They are surfers and super competitive! They are in it to win it. Carpenter Leigh began renovations, including an extension, a year ago but work stalled after they ran out of money. Kristie is a stay at home Mum with 2 kids.

Chiara and David

Married couple Chiara and David say we can probably expect some fireworks from them as they can be explosive and passionate at times! Knee deep ind debt when they met 10 years ago they have managed to get on their feet and buy a home 2013 which needed some serious work. They still have a very unfinished home. With 3 children David works as a Fly In Fly Out warehouse officer and Chiara works at home as a hairdresser. Can’t wait to see the action between these two!

Will you be watching House Rules tonight?

♥ KC.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I love House Rules. Cant wait to see what they will do.

  • Jan Foley says:

    Where’s the team from Tassie? Unbelievable! Have lost interest already now!

  • Anonymous says:

    Was it just me or was it a bit boring? I really struggled to get into it. I normally love reno shows!

  • Tom says:

    I wont be watching either. Tassie deserves a spot but HOUSE RULES need to move with the times!

  • Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for the introductions, Katrina. I’ve been watching the series but didn’t see any actual introductions, so that’s been great.

    I live in Woonona, in the Northern suburbs of Wollongong and, for the past few weeks, we’ve had the House Rules team working on an an old weatherboard house a few streets away. I was expecting to see some locals as one of the teams, but no-one there comes from here. The closest are the Bega people. Mystery! Wonder what that’s all about then????