House Rules 2018: Kim and Michelle Reveal

House Rules 2018

House Rules 2018: Kim and Michelle Reveal

Guys, I’m not sure I can continue with the House Rules stuff because I am just so stressed when I look at the reveals! Oh dear. Not much better was it this week? I need to find something nice to say don’t?? Help me find something! Ok, Kim’s bed linen was nice….

But you know what, with the rules what else did we expect?? Of course there was going to be black, purple/plum and mirror everything. The dining room really stressed me out. Those tolix chairs will be too low (they always are!) and nothing matches (I like matching, especially couches!). Vertical gardens – gone. Too hard to look after. The lighting in there?? Ummmm.

So, here were the rules…

Kim and Michelle’s rules:

1. Put some pizazz into a dream display home

2. Give us 50 shades of grey and purple

3. Go ooh la la with French Provincial style for Michelle

4. Be bold and beautiful with a black kitchen

5. Use marble and mint in the main bathroom

Bonus Room – kids’ playroom

Bonus Room Rule – create the ultimate kids’ club house

Check out the photos >>

Toad & Mandy (Entry, lounge room and walk-in-wardrobe)

Josh & Brandon (Main bathroom and Melissa’s bedroom)

Leigh & Kristie (Laundry and Michelle’s bedroom)

Jess & Jared (Corey’s bedroom, Ensuite and Hallway)

Chiara & David (Kitchen, girls’ bedroom and bonus room)

Mel & Dave (Dining room and Kim’s bedroom) 

The kids’ rooms were cute, because you know with kids you can do whatever and it still be passable.

The kitchen. STOP. Nope.

All I hope is that next season (if there is one) the rules are better thought out and everyone starts to work together!

What did you think??

You can see the previous renos here and meet the contestants here.

♥ KC.

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  1. I’m with you. I cringe at the finishes and unfinished parts. I can’t neoliberal that’s allowed. I don’t like the kitchen at all, but the bathrooms aren’t so bad compared to the rest. I wish they had of had two of the lighter sofa in the living room. That dark one is 😝
    Sigh. I’ve been watching Masterchef, and just flicking over now 😬

  2. Have just discovered your blog tonight. I am so much in agreement with you about the kitchen this week. Am also in agreement about the contestants working together. Maybe if they used actual zone allocations instead of random unrelated spaces, there might be some cohesion and flow in these houses. I’m over some of these clueless contestants. I kept expecting T&M to put in a purple grand piano!

  3. We loved the laundry! Do you think they made the ironing board holder or would the hooks have come attached to the wooden panel? I’d like to get something like that for our laundry.

  4. In reply to Andrea, there are thankfully 3 toilets for 7 people. One in each bathroom and a separate 1. If you do the 360 tour on the Houserules site you get to see a lot more.

  5. I thought the rule was ‘gaudy bogan princess’. All that was missing was fake crystal door knobs!
    I give the vertical garden 4 weeks.

  6. Trying to find a pic of the framed mirror tree that was in Michelle and Kim’s home in the hallway. Would also like to know where they got it from.
    Please help me gind.


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