House Rules 2018: Josh and Brandon Reveal

House Rules 2018

House Rules 2018: Josh and Brandon Reveal

Last week on House Rues it was time for brothers Josh and Brandon to get their house renovated by the contestants. And because they are blokes I was expecting the worst – and I was right. I am just not sure whether this tv show can survive anymore because it’s pretty tragic at the moment!

Josh & Brandon’s rules:

  1. Have fun with the ultimate Aussie lads’ pad
  2. Use blokey blues and oranges
  3. Create cool stuff inspired by our hobbies
  4. Give Josh a “rap video” master suite
  5. Make Brandon’s room “modern bushman”

Bonus room – Music room. Bonus Room Rule – Rock Out.

Who thought up these rules?? WHY?? Because when I look at them I know we’re in for a wild ride. Lots of wall murals, the worst artwork in the work, too much colour and nothing matches at all.

Here we go, come and look at all the photos…

Jess and Jared (Entry & Dining)

Toad and Mandy (Bar & Study)

Mel and Dave (Lounge Room & Bonus Room)

Kim and Michelle (Ensuite & Brandon’s Bedroom)

Chiara & David (Walk-in-Wardrobe & Main Bathroom)

I can probably handle Brandon’s room and the bathroom but I cringe at the rest.

Please ditch any form of cube storage, delete the wall murals in a grown ups home, no to the blue led strip lighting and take all that artwork down.

Tell me what you thought??

You can see the previous renos here and meet the contestants here.

♥ KC.

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  1. Agree the rules and fighting over each contestant space make the houses such a mish mash nothing flows , different floors , styling , paint , and lighting , ugh ! And why didn’t anyone mention that big ugly shelf in the entrance , not only ridiculous but dangerous

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