Home is a feeling…


I found this little saying on Instagram the other night and I shared it over there. Lots of you loved it too.

Mostly, I’d rather be at home than anywhere else in the world. I am a Cancerian, so I am very much a homebody. My husband and I both still get homesick all the time. Anyone who knows us will laugh at that because it’s true! I love it when he walks through the door at night. I feel better when he is around.

I get to work from home too. I think I’m pretty lucky because I don’t have to go far for anything. But I do love the mini trips away here and there – they are good for energy and creativity… But over all, I choose to be at home.

The saying above is really true for me. Do you get that lovely feeling when you walk in to your Mum and/or Dad’s house now as an adult? It wasn’t about how big the house was, or what things cost, but it was always about the feeling it gave you. I still get that warm feeling when I visit my Mum and Dad. If I sleep at their house now I still sniff Mum’s sheets and ask what’s she making me for dinner…

I know my boys love being here too. So, in my house I like to try and create those feelings too. Sometimes it’s the smell of the fresh sheets, or cooked food, or candles in the evening. Maybe it’s watching a game show, or the footy! But it’s the feeling you get which makes home feel like the best place in the world.

I can be a screaming lunatic at times and unwell and stressed out, but it’s the ebb and flow… if I can make things more good than bad then I’d say I am winning.

Today I will potter around again at home, fluffing the cushions, washing the clothes, driving the kids around, but at the same time I am trying to make this home a place where we always come together. It’s not always easy, but I hope when my boys grow up and have their own lives they’ll remember only good feelings about being little kids living at home…

Is home your favourite place to be too?


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