School is back and holidays are over. Actually, I am happy to say they weren’t too bad and we got through them unscathed. I woke up yesterday dreading the fast-paced days ahead with school drop-offs, pick-ups and all the after school activity…

But it was time to get back to work. I had a full inbox and blogs to makeover over, websites to complete, this blog to take care of and houses to sell and style! But in amongst all of that I’ve had a few medical things to sort through. I’ve written about my Crohn’s heaps of times, and it’s not overly troubling me at the moment, but being immunocompromised and on different medications always brings a new round of “something”. Today I am dealing with a SCC on my bottom lip, one on my chest and another BCC on my chest. That’s just making me angry. I’ve had a few BCC’s previously, with skin graft surgery in 2013 on my nose. I am not a sunbaker and I always stay out of it, but being on Crohn’s drugs all these years has not been good to me. I need to see a specialist to have it all removed, but I am very very nervous about my lip because it’s big and won’t be pretty. PLUS, on top of that, the doctor thinks I have an infection in my elbow/forearm. Maybe again from the drugs I take… So today I have a bit of organising to do. I’d rather be doing other stuff I tell you! And my bank account would rather that I don’t have to spend all my money on reoccurring illnesses!! 😉

Anyway, after that little whinge I will say I can’t wait for Spring time to roll around. I feel like a big declutter is coming on around here. I finally caved and bought the Marie Kondo book and when the weather starts to warm up, I’m getting stuck into it. Don’t know why I am so excited about decluttering! Haha! But it always makes me feel better.

Last night I finished watching all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights. I loved that show so much. I feel like I live in Dillon, Texas and Tami Taylor and I should have coffee. My husband even said to me “wasn’t that a good little show?” Now what?? LOL.

Term 3 is here – let’s get rolling. Footy season will be over before we know it, and cricket will be upon us. Love cricket season! Haha, boys have made me into some kind of sports nut. 😉

Have a great term 3 Y’all (too much Netflix). ♥ KC.