Hey Brands, it’s not rocket science…

Hi! Today I vlogged. Woah, that felt weird, but it was too hard to write what I wanted to say, so it was easier to talk… and everyone knows I LOVE to talk!! And, I don’t always have decent hair – I work from home every day so I usually have a greasy bun, it’s just that I actually have to head out today! 😉

PS. This is NOT a post about me wanting free stuff … it’s me using that Uni degree that cost me a fortune and trying to nudge us bloggers further into the marketing/pr world! If you’re a brand, find your blogging niche and show them some love – it’ll come back to you tenfold!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Have a great day! X


  • Clare

    Hi Katrina

    Great Vlog! Couldn’t agree with you more.
    So easy to promote and share about products that you love and would use/do use in and around your home or life. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

    xx Clare

  • Rachel

    Great vlog! Nice to see your pretty face too. Rachel x

  • Penny barns

    You are so very correct. We want what our friends/bloggers have…
    PS “love your hair today. Your nails look gorgeous (saw I bit of sparkle) oh and one more thing – should’ve turned that bloody picture frame around lol ”
    Gotta run- love ya 😉

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahaha! yes i saw that after and thought I bet someone mentions it! Haha!!! XX

  • Seana - Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    Hi Katrina, all very true… posts and goodwill can last a very long time.. as you say it’s good for brands to find bloggers with some longevity and credibility. I’d add with the ability to make their posts findable in the loooong term too…

    … but as bloggers we are wise to also write about what we love and pay for ourselves as much as gifted stuff, don’t you think?? My travel stuff will always be a big mix… next trips are all fully paid for by us, and our flexible fiend of a credit card… I’ll definitely blog still, maybe less than I would if on a paid trip as it’s supposed to be a holiday… isn’t it?

  • Yvette Wilson

    So true about what you are saying.
    I only started my lifestyle blog 3 weeks ago and already have several posts about what I’ve been buying.
    I even have a label named shopping. I always refer back to where I bought the item from and always get asked by people ‘where is that from?
    Its about time brands recognised this, especially for the more popular blogs out there.
    I hope this message gets to them.

  • Lee Mills

    ABSOLUTLEY! Its just the same as “us” promoting ourselves via Pinterest and the like we make up our own “pin” knowing that it will be “re-pinned” again and again and again and each time send traffic back to us….I often find its only the small starting out businesses that “get it” and some of the larger ones and corporations boo hoo the world of “mummy bloggers” as I heard myself referred as the other day..whatever!!!
    Great post Katrina – keep up the good work!

  • Lou

    Katrina, fab vlog!!! Hair and nails look so good so made perfect sense to do a vlog and not a blog. You also are great at explaining things in a visual way.

    Sharing this knowledge for bloggers and brands is a win win

    Have a great weekend.

    LouLou x

  • Taylor Greenwalt

    Your so right and adorable! Cant wait to see these pillows you were talking about!

  • Elisha Ross

    Well said! As they say what goes around, comes around. And that is in a positive light to all you brands out there! Hell and crikey. Id mention heaps of stuff in my blog for free stuff. Send the love!! ha ha

  • Jennifer

    Great and interesting post.


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