Head and neck tension? There’s an essential oil for that!

If you suffer from neck tension, headaches or just feel uptight, then try an essential oil FIRST before you start digging through your medicine cupboard.

I’ve been doing this myself and until you TRY it, you just don’t know how amazing it feels to use a little drop of 100% pure oil to alleviate problems.

These oils are the BEST for head and neck tension

PastTense – roll straight on the back of the neck and dab on temples. Carry this roller with you.

Peppermint – drop in the shower, inhale straight from the bottle or diffuse. It’s uplifting, will open airways and relieve internal stress.

Frankincense – place a drop on your finger or thumb and apply it directly to the roof of the mouth for instant relief. Great in the diffuser too.

Ice Blue – dilute with FCO and massage in to neck and shoulders for instant relief.

Clary Calm – use on wrists every single day to support your hormone balance. It boosts mental strength and improves mood.

If you’d like to get started with essential oils then you might like to read this blog post.

♥ KC.


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