Hang a DIY tapestry

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this huge piece of canvas from a Facebook marketplace. It was already painted with some pinks/grey/black. It measured about 1.5m x 1m and was only $20. That’s definitely a bargain! You can buy unstretched canvas from craft stores too so if you’re on the hunt for a large piece of wall art, then this might be the way to go.

I wanted to put this on a black wall and thought it looked a little washed out, so I just added a few more colours to the paint.

Then I needed to find a way to hang it without costing much $$. It had obviously been stretched over a timber frame as some stage, and I was far too lazy to build a new frame, so I decided to hang on a piece of dowel.

I put a row of fabric glue across the top and bottom of the canvas.

Folded it over and sat some heavy objects on it for a day (they happened to be crystals I had in a bowl nearby!).

Then simply inserted the dowel and put 2 little hooks on each end for the top.

I left the top dowel longer, and I chopped the bottom dowel back to match the width.

Then hung it on the black wall!

There you go, a simple addition with a bit of colour added to my lounge room.

This is an easy DIY you can try at home.

You might also like some other DIY wall canvas ideas. I’ve painted another here and made my own timber frame here.

♥ KC.


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