Guest Post: Five ways to style your child’s room on a budget

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Hello! Thanks for popping in today – you’re in for a treat! Today I have Kate Pierce (AKA the Boss Lady) from Antipodean Love,  here sharing her 5 tips for styling a kids room on a budget:  Over to you Kate –

Hi everyone, and thanks for having me here today Katrina. Styling a kids bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a number of easy ways to save – here are 5:

Go adhesive

I’m a big fan of wall decals. Not only do the little ones love the impact and fun of these on their walls, but they’re very kind on the wallet too. Try metallic for bang-on style, then, when the kids get sick of the decals, simply peel them off and swap for new ones!

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We’re lucky to have dozens of ops shops and a huge Mill Markets here in Ballarat. These types of stores are perfect for bargain finds, which you can then reinvent with spray paint or your own touches when you get home… or get the kids to work!

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Spend on cushions, save on sheets

 Cushions and throws are perfect for adding colour and fun to your kid’s room, and unlike sheets, won’t need changing as you upsize your child’s bed over the years. So let your child choose accessories they really love and invest in quality fabrics that will last for years. Kids love our moon and mountain cushions!

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 I’m loving those stylish cots that turn into junior beds then ‘bigger kid’ beds. Such a smart way to cut costs and also prevent perfectly good furniture going to waste. The blonde timber ones are my favourite… if only my girls were young enough!

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Rethink art choices

There’s no need to spend up big on artwork. As special as limited edition or big-name artist prints are, sometimes they are out of our budget. Your child’s artwork can be super special and colourful, so frame it! And be creative with how you see art pieces and frame posters, tea-towels, wrapping paper or greeting cards (kids love our colourful Inaluxe ones!) for your DIY artwork – voila!

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Be sure to pop over to her shop and say hi.

Thanks for sharing those great tips Kate!

♥︎ KC

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