Good stuff on the Internet this week [2]

Oh dear. School holidays and horrible weather. Need I say more? It’s been fairly wild around here. I am really rushing the days away (and I know I shouldn’t do this!), but the 4 of us inside together 24/7 is wearing me down! Although we did go away for a footy carnival on the weekend (but that was freezing and all we did was donate a week’s wage to the canteen ;)) Plus I’ve been busy grouting some tiles outside. I’ll share that post with you soon…


Here are some cool things on the internet this week:

♥ I am loving the Pins above in the photo.
♥ I painted a canvas. Black + gold. It’s on Instagram.
♥ I just love this blog – Be more with less. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Be more with less is about simplifying your life and really living.
This quote on my Instagram really made me laugh! So true for me. I hate it when I come home from Melbourne or Sydney and regret I didn’t get something.
♥ I saw the photo and the many others of the gorgeous women showing their colostomy bags. A little hard to swallow (for me)… but still inspiring.
♥ Get awesome polaroid pics of your Instagram photos here. I got some and they are so cute!
♥ Thanks for all the comments on my coffee table makeover. I’ve received lots of YOUR images showing me projects you’d like to complete. Keep them coming!
♥ Have you seen ALDI’s catalogue for this Saturday July 12? You must see their replica furniture!
♥ Follow this new house build here. Our Forever Home is building a gorgeous Hamptons Style home. It’s coming up a treat!

Hope you’re have a great week so far. KC.


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