THESE DEALS HAVE ENDED. You can see still join doTERRA with lots savings in a kit, or just grab a $35 membership and buy as you please. Just follow the same ordering steps below…

Let me show you how to get FREE essential oils this week.

If you’re not a member of doTERRA yet, then now is the time to sign up!

Each day doTERRA will give you the chance to get oils for free.

It just costs $35 to get your own account and then you can take advantage of these deals. You only pay the $35 once a year (so do that today!).

This offer only comes around twice a year. You’ll be able to double your oils in a week!

So good.

Each day of the week (starting at 7am) doTERRA will give you the oil of the day and the freebie. We have no idea what the deals will be until the day. See their Facebook page for the daily deal.

You have to buy and ship that deal on the day. BE EARLY! Because these do sell out by lunch time.

You will log in to your account (once you’ve set it up) select the oil of the day, pay and ship now. The freebie will automatically arrive at your house.

BE READY EARLY each day! If you miss it, it’s gone 🙂


Set up your account now.

– Pay the $35 membership fee (a bit like Costco or Linen Lovers) and you will then have your own wholesale account. Add the BOGO deal/oil for the day.
– OR buy an enrolment kit like the Home Essentials Kit where the $35 is already included + add the BOGO deal/oil of the day (now that’s a DEAL!!)

– Open this link in a new tab:

– Click Join & Save
– Choose Australia. Click ‘Local’
– Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’. This will give you the best support, lowest prices, and not obligate you to sell the oils in any way.
– Enter your personal information
– At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 5943523 You must enter my number to get my training, oils mentoring, team support and access to a private Facebook group.
– Then click verify (it should show you my name)
– Set yourself up with a password
– Click over to the next page
– Select the kit you’d like to order or just choose the ‘$35 introductory packet’ (this is your membership). ADD THE BOGO DEAL HERE (or your choice of oils).
– I highly recommend you add the Fractionated Coconut oil or a diffuser in your first order so you can safely use the oils (by rubbing on your body, or diffusing in the air).
– Enter your Credit Card details and process your order
– Click “I’m done for now”.

I’ll let you in to my Facebook group where you’ll learn how to place the BOGO deals for the rest of the week since you now have your brand new account! 🙂

KC. x