Fun fonts + how to download them to your computer


I LOVE fonts. I am always downloading them. I have hundreds and hundreds! It’s bad. Sometimes I spend so long deciding on a font for someone, that it takes me longer to pick that than it does to come up with an overall design concept!

Today I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you. They are all free fonts. My favourite site is dafont. You can get some cool ones here and here too. Although, I google search and find lots of others too.

To add a new font to your computer all you have to do is:

♥ Download the font

♥ Open the downloaded font file and I drag the .tff or .otf file to my desktop

♥ Then I go to SEARCH on my computer (Windows has this option down the bottom when you press the Windows Start Logo) and I type in FONTS.

♥ My font folder will open and then I drag the font from the desktop in to here.


Happy font hunting x