Free online photo editing tools


Is your blog photo ready? I think it’s important to put effort in to how your photos look on your blog. For me, I always think about how I will use my photos across all of my social media channels when I write a blog post.

Sometimes I use my phone to take photos (which I email to myself and save to my computer to edit later) or with my fancy camera. I always keep a selection of photos on my computer to use in blog posts. I can pull them up in one of these editors below to resize, adjust and add text.

For blog posts I usually pick a featured photo – the one you will see if you land on my blog via my domain name ( This photo is a specific size which suits my blog layout and sometimes I put text over the top of the photo to show people visually what they will be seeing when they click through to read more.

Then I also use a photo from the blog post which will suit my Instagram – sometimes it has words – and I will crop it to be square.

Then I may also create a collage of 4 photos to use when I am sending the post to Facebook so at a glance readers may be enticed to visually see what will be inside the blog post.

Are you still with me? Haha! So yes, I think about my photos a lot when I am blogging. I always create a variety… and I need quick easy online tools to be able to do that…


Here are some options for you:

1. PicMonkey – probably THE best and easiest tool to use. I would be lost without this one. The collage option is so easy. Perfect for adding text over images.

2. FotoFlexer – a free online tool.

3. Fotor – good collage options.

4. Pixlr – great effects and editing capabilities. Almost like Photoshop.

5. Aviary – a free online tool with great effects.

6. BeFunky – fance backgrounds and textures for collages.

7. Photovisi – will do collages and is free.


Hope I’ve given you some new tools! Good luck and have fun editing. ♥ KC.


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