Desktop/iphone wallpapers


Hey there! I made a couple of these for you! Last year I was making them every month, but this year I decided to just make them when I get a chance… and ta-da!


ipad pink

ipad orange

iphone 5 pink

iphone 5 orange

iphone 4 pink

iphone 4 orange

desktop 1900 x 1200 pink

desktop 1900 x 1200 orange

desktop 1280 x 1024 pink

desktop 1280 x 1024 orange

desktop 2650 x 1440 pink

desktop 2650 x 1440 orange

Image pink and orange (best for Samsung)

If you’re not sure how to get it, click on the size, save to your camera roll, or right-click and save to computer. Then go to settings or personalisation, find background and select the size you just saved. With the iPhones and iPads you shouldn’t need to resize them and with the desktop one (if you don’t know your computer screen size), it might just be a bit of trial and error. To save them from your iPad/iPhone make sure you are viewing the images in Safari and hold your finger on the photo and it will then ask if you want to save it to camera roll. Then go in to your settings and choose the wallpaper option. I also have a video on the new iOS7 which shows you too.

Hope you like them! X

PS. Here are some I did last year – you may like those too!

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  1. Thank you these r beautiful! Wish you were still doing them monthly, I loved the calendars……very helpful!

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