Fonts, backgrounds, product shots & so many creative things!

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Fonts, backgrounds, product shots & so many creative things!


Are you always looking for an image, or a font, or just something of great quality you can use on your blog, or Facebook or newsletter? Well, here’s a TREMENDOUS site you might love. It’s called Creative Market and it has thousands upon thousands of fonts, images and background. This is where all the cool stuff has been hiding!


Look at all those handwritten, watercolour and fancy fonts! They are so good. I’ve bought a few new ones.

What about images of cool desks, computers and backgrounds? Or food shots, or product mock-ups? What if you’re selling prints, but your photos aren’t great? Well you can buy a mockup and just drop your print in to the frames. Need a new logo? A cover photo? A powerpoint layout? Well here they all are…


Now you can make your own social media look smashing 🙂

♥ KC.

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