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Floor Plan Friday: Theatre Room



This one is a little different – you might like this one! I love the theatre in the middle of the house – no windows! So it would be awesome if you love your movies. Click on the plan to see it larger.

I also like the master on the back and the kitchen looking over the yard. On a lot of plans the kitchen is normally on the side. This would be great if you had a cool pool area or entertaining area. Plus, I think over the sink there is a window/serving area on to the alfresco.

All rooms have their own walk-in-robe and there is a home office. It’s a pretty large home for a residential block. Here’s where I found the plan. Plus here are some more floor plans for you.

Happy Friday! ♥ KC.



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    July 18, 2014

    I like this plan katrina though I wonder if theatre rooms have had their moment? Without windows this one would be difficult to multipurpose. Love the roof pitch in the image too.

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    March 18, 2018

    Looks pretty good – though lacking a library; craft room; music studio and rehearsal spaces; workshop; exercise room/gym; wet/mud room/cupboard inside front entrance (could cover garage entrance as well). All toilets need a bidet as well. Kitchen access to alfresco is a bit convoluted. Underground parking would create more room in the house, then a few of the other desired spaces could be below ground as well – maybe.