Floor Plan Friday: Split Level Rear



Hi there! Today I am sharing a split level floor plan. I know a lot of people have sloping blocks of land and find it hard to work out how to put the house on the block. The main living areas plus the master are on the top floor and below there are 3 bedrooms, laundry, bathroom and an activity room.

This plan suits a block of land which slopes away at the back. The facade below makes it easier to understand…


I found the plan here plus check out all of my other favourite plans over here.

Have a great Friday everyone – stay cool if it’s HOT! We’re hitting 40 degrees in Wagga today (and 2 cricket matches are to be played later today by my kids…. help me!!). ♥ KC.


  • Caroline

    Katrina I love Floorplan Friday. I would love to see an l-shaped floorplan which looks to capture North along one axis (sorry I realise that’s going to be pretty tricky to find but you seem better at finding good floorplans than I am)!

  • Kenneth

    Wow, a wonderful plan. I am very much excited for this. Our home before has an open floor arrangement with bunches of expansive windows and the fantastic mass of windows with a sliding glass entryway. But this architectural design is very much interesting compared to our previous home floor plan.

  • Jennie Williams

    I am thinking of buying old timber home on an ‘old quarter acre’ lot, ie, 50 ft x 150 ft. It slopes from the road to the rear (the north/east) which has good views. Looking for a unit/small house to put on the rear of the block. 50 ft x 27 metres (approx) down to the rear. Thinking of 2-3 bedrm 2 bathroom, 2 cars if possible (underneath or on lower level). Price on my land up to abut $300,000.
    Want main feature windows to the north east.

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