Hi! Thanks for stopping by today. I have this split level 4 bedroom + study plan to show you. It’s always tricky to work out just from the plan where the fall would be on a split level home. But the facade is below so you can see the block of land would cut across (from one side to the other). The majority of the living is on the ground floor with the bedrooms on top. The ground floor is split a little bit too. The living/dining/kitchen would be slightly lower than the other side (study/laundry/family). So you can see the solid wall separating the family and meals would most likely need to stay there as it’s load bearing. Correct me if I am wrong though!

I’m not keen on some of the layout inside, but it could be easily fixed. However this is a good plan for you if you have that awkward sloping block. I don’t like the toilet off the meals, and you could open the meals/kitchen/dining area up much better.



Overall, the plan is great if you are looking for a split level home. I quite like this facade too! I found the plan here.

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Happy Friday ♥ KC.