Floor Plan Friday: Sloping block with level rear

split level floor plan


Today I have a split level floor plan to share with you. It’s very hard to imagine how a house will come together on a sloping block of land. Some slope forwards, some backwards and others left and right. So many variations. Here’s a plan which suits a block of land that is low at the front but steep at the back.

The bottom level (the right side on this photo) has the garage, laundry and rumpus. You then enter a set of stairs to take you to the main part of the house. Directly above that garage are all the bedrooms, then a slight step down again to the left side of the house and all the living areas. The aim is to have the alfresco and backyard level with the house. You with me?

I found the plan here (there are heaps of facade ideas too).

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I have styling services too if you need a hand sorting through your own house build.

♥ KC.


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