Floor Plan Friday: Separated zones with living on one side and bedrooms on the other

Hi there! Today I have this fabulous floor plan to share with you. I found it here. I love the separated spaces, with bedrooms on one side and the living on the other with the outdoor space in the middle. I could totally do this house. No wasted space, huge open areas and plenty of light and windows.

The house clearly won’t fit on a small residential block, and the garage would be a separate detached building. The sky’s the limit with that one (add storage or a rumpus room to the garage).

If you have a big house block, then this home would work for you! Face the back area North and the sun would lovely through the kitchen in the morning.

If you’d love to see more great floor plans then click here. If you have a floor plan you’d like me to look over before you build, you can buy my services. Just click on the button below, pay, then email them to me.


I will spend 2 hours looking over your plan and email back a detailed list of suggestions for changes (includes colour ideas). I can’t guarantee changes will be needed as your plan may already be perfect in my eyes. But for peace of mind I can either list some suggestions or let you know how jealous I am of your soon-to-be new home. 😉


  • Felicity Bezer

    Love it!
    I’d be greedy though and make the space to the right of the entrance a master wing with ensuite, WIR etc.

  • Linda Schraven

    Agree felicity the 2 bedrooms need to go the other side and master on the right get rid of the hall there also waste of space, work the wardrobes better in the 2,3,&4 so they look like built ins these might be built ins in most people’s eyes but they are an add on to a designers eye, get rid of the toilet and bath/shower walls also waste of space open it up one big bathroom and add a powder room, minor things yes but the difference is huge

    • Katrina Chambers

      I think they are built-ins? I like the bathroom that way. Works great in my house

    • Linda Schraven

      Katrina Chambers they are built ins yes but look like add ons they would have the cornice go around but they encroach into a room so to me look like add ons

  • Jessica Carter Malavin

    Dont like bd 3 wardrobe set up. Dont like how the 2 living areas are so open to each other. Having 5 kids, I think one zone needs to be seperate other wise If two tvs are on they compete with each other and no body can hear..I love the kitchen./laundry set up. However think the sink should be over near the window instead of in the middle of the Island bench..

  • Lilian Drago

    all you need is a big block of land to fit it in.

  • Lucia Rossi

    I like the idea of separate living and sleeping quarters on opposite sides but not too keen on the bedrooms being at the front of the house. Prefer them to the side of the house. If designing a plan for my family situation. I would also need to consider multi gen plans.

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