Floor Plan Friday: Separate media room plus pool

If you have little kids, this floor plan may not suit you with the media room being separate (or it might, because you can push the kids out there!), but I liked this idea for something different. It would definitely be a winner at my house. My boys would spend a lot of time out there.

This plan is very good if you want to enjoy that indoor-outdoor living because the deck area almost becomes part of the home. If you added very high ceilings in the living and dining you’d be creating a special feature on this plan!

There are a few other parts I’d change like adding a very high window the bathroom on the front (and incorporating it in to the facade). Plus the laundry isn’t big enough so I’d put that in between the garage and kitchen.

Anyway, it’s good to see something different!

The original source for the plan came from here.

I have stacks of other plans you might like also.

Happy Friday!