Floor Plan Friday: Optimal Northerly Aspect

Hi there! Today I have this plan which has been designed to maximise the northerly aspect of the sun. I found it here. I like that the main living spaces are situated to the rear of the home with the kitchen offering abundant space.

This home also embraces outdoor living aspects with a gallery and hallway allowing for natural light to enter the home. The outdoor areas offers a terrace, alfresco and large courtyard making it a unique feature of the home.

I like that it’s not a huge home, but has everything you’d need. The only downfall is the walk from the garage to the pantry with the food! But I really like the general layout.

What do you think of this one today?

If you’d love to see more great floor plans then click here. If you have a floor plan you’d like me to look over before you build, you can buy my services then email them to me.

I will spend 2 hours looking over your plan and email back a detailed list of suggestions for changes (includes colour ideas). I can’t guarantee changes will be needed as your plan may already be perfect in my eyes. But for peace of mind I can either list some suggestions or let you know how jealous I am of your soon-to-be new home. 😉

♥ KC.


  • Narelle Howell

    Quite nice. Though I think I’d try and have the hallway on the opposite side so the bedrooms have north facing Windows rather than southerly. I’d also increase the pantry

  • Tish Lovell

    I love all their designs, looked at a lot when looking at our floor plan

  • Linda Schraven

    Love the U shaped homes but for me I would put all the living area looking out over the courtyard widening it a bit and bedrooms where the living area is and put a pool in the Courtyard

  • Amanda

    Long way to tske the groceries ????

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